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12310052 1088163027880740 7412067801979660444 oDearest Friends!

The year 2016 arrived brimming with guests and camp participants. We had such an array of international attendees, and I must say, it was the most action packed three week camp and course I have ever known. It is particularly meaningful to Peter and me, when our children willingly and joyfully participate in the events and outreaches as well. Growing up in a Missionary home can be daunting to say the least, and often children feel duty bound to ‘tow the line’. So when our children invite their friends and form an integral part of our Camp and Course, our hearts as parents are full.

The next few months saw Peter catching up with many writing deadlines, including the final publication of Dad’s Book Going On, Old Testament Survey, Sketches from South African History and more.  In fact, due to the many writing projects, Peter was in Cape Town until the end of May, which is quite unusual.

13346975 1213422612021447 6965968593589714142 nJune saw Peter and his Team travel the length and breadth of South Africa. And what a mission field this has become. In the past, 99 % of our Missionary work focused on Southern, Central and North Africa, but these days we find that the unrest and strife in much of South Africa makes it ripe for harvest. Local Elections are due to take place in August, and these unleash many protests which sadly turn violent and cause so much damage to property.

Daniela and Christopher both work in our Mission’s IT Department now. This is another of our many blessings as parents. Seeing our children join our Ministry and contributing in their special ways. Christopher is learning on the job how to manage our many websites, Sermon Audios, SlideShare and AV production.  Daniela is designing our Book covers, AV designs, adverts, leaflets and newsletters. Her fresh, new designs have been commented on by many.

In a few days Christopher departs for Berlin, Germany, to participate in the World Championships for Karate. This is the third time he is participating in Worlds. We are thrilled that he is able to manage the intense training that has been required of him, although we can see it takes a toll on him physically.

Andrea and Hunter have had a busy first six months as well. Hunter is aiming to finish his Masters of Divinity within the next 9 months, after which they will be making the move back to South Africa. I am thrilled, to say the very least, at the prospect of having all of our children back on home turf, but most of all, being able to be involved in the life of our first grandchild, Jeremy. God is good.

13483251 1219627678067607 2182452310520149026 oMy health has settled into a routine of daily hormone tablets, which I am tolerating fairly well. I try to increase my knowledge of natural approaches to our health and am constantly striving to improve our diet. Christopher and I are both immunosuppressed due to our medical history, and this means keeping our immune system strong is a focus. We are blessed by friends who are very supportive and who help us navigate this vast field of information.

Calvin is in the middle of his grade 10 year and his schedule is ever full with his many sporting activities. At the moment he is away on a Cross-Country Running Camp.

My dearest Father has had a down turn in his health of late, and is sadly battling a host of ailments. The latest being a positive diagnosis for prostate cancer. This has affected his health quite negatively and Mom and Dad have now been enrolled in a program called ‘Hospice at Home’. We are grateful for their medical care and my mother’s nursing skills are being tested to the hilt. We would be grateful for your earnest prayers at this time, as they face new challenges each day. My sister Debbie will be with them during the month of August, and I will be on standby to be with my parents for the rest of the year.

We are grateful to this community of prayer warriors. Thank you, for your support in such a variety of ways. This work can be lonely and challenging, and I sometimes despair at the gravity of issues Peter deals with on a daily basis. But God is our sustainer and we rely on Him for our provision on every level.

May God bless and guide you all. With Love and gratefulness,

Lenora Hammond

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