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Dear Friends
Each of us experience 'special days' in our lives. Today, Friday, 2 September 2016 is one for us, our 65th Wedding Anniversary! An added special blessing today is that Deborah Pelzmann, our oldest daughter, is with us from Salzburg, Austria.
The words 'special' and 'special blessing' are applicable in today's communication with you. These truths are best explained when you reflect on Bill's last letter - July 18. Bill painted a word picture of his expectation to soon be on the journey to his heavenly home.
God continues to give one more day after another until today, we 'who became one' 65 years ago, are still physically together. With Bill's medical diagnosis of congestive heart failure plus adenocarcinoma of the prostate with metastasis, we are being prepared "in His strength" for that last journey.
To each of you as friends, family and fellow labourers in God's vineyard, we wish to express our continued appreciation, gratitude and thankfulness for all that you have been to us across the years. Bill is weak, 20 lbs. lighter, diminished appetite, yet very lucid, in the best of spirits, maintains his sense of humour and is still "in His grip."
Lovingly in Him,
Harriett Bathman
Frontline Fellowship - USA
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