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Egyptian FlagEgypt’s ChristiaJohn Mark the apostlen heritage is one of the oldest in the world. With a population of about 85 million, 11 million Egyptians would claim to be Christian, about 3.5 million are Evangelical. This is a land which Jesus Christ Himself came to when He was only a boy. It was later evangelised by the Gospel writer John Mark in the first century A.D. Since then, the Coptic Church has been a prominent religion.

Islam invaded Egypt in the 7th century. By the 10th century, Arabic was the official language. Today Islam makes up around 87 percent of the population. According to Operation World, Egypt is arguably the intellectual centre of Sunni Islam. The Muslim Brotherhood is still alive in Egypt, even though the current government opposes them.
Despite the imposing force of Islam, Egypt has the largest congregation in the Middle East, with 7000 members, strong and vibrant youth, four weekly church meetings and a weekly prayer meeting, sport and children’s ministry focusing on the Gospel, education and health, and they have volunteer programmes for international people to assist in ministry. This ministry is well known by the government for their participation in relief aid and assistance of the afflicted during the so-called “Arab Spring” by setting up pop-up clinics.

Egypt is a neighbour to many other Islamic countries characterised by war and tribal conflict. Refugees from these countries flee to Egypt for asylum. They often find themselves fed up with the false promises of Islam, and observe the aggression and violence which comes as a result of this corrupt worldview. These refugees are asking many questions about life and religion which only DSCN1279Biblical Christianity can answer, offering peace between man and God and man and fellow man.

Bible distribution in Egypt is also increasing. The Bible Society is making a great impact with their Bible programmes. Other ministries are finding that the youth in Egypt are very open to receiving their own copy of God’s Word. According to one source in Egypt, many young people see the religion (Islam) of their parents and grandparents as being somewhat of a failure. They are looking for answers. Some turn toward secularism while others are turning to Jesus Christ.

Frontline Fellowship is corresponding and working with churches in Egypt to develop training programmes for their leaders. Many are hungry to apply Biblical wisdom to their lives. Frontline has the unique opportunity to equip leaders through our William Carey Bible Institute which is a Reformed, Evangelistic, Biblical, and practical leadership training programme.
Muslim Brotherhood
Please pray for Christian unity amongst churches in Egypt. A house divided against itself cannot stand. Churches need to stand together, hold each other accountable to the Word and the true Gospel, and meet challenges facing the Body of Christ with unity. While certain radical sects of Islam are not allowed to operate in Egypt, they do exist, and they are a very real threat to Biblical, Evangelistic Christians. Conversion from Islam is also illegal in Egypt. Pray that those who are converting from Islam will be kept safe and find peace in the Body of Christ. Frontline Fellowship has ongoing training opportunities in Egypt. Pray for the development and implementation of our programmes. Those who are impoverished and desperate due to the lack of jobs in Egypt are in need of assistance. Some churches are taking this opportunity to reach out to their communities with love in action. Please pray for wisdom and support for these churches that are caring for the needy.

“So shall ff lOGOMy Word be that goes forth from My mouth; it shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.” Isaiah 55:11

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