From all of my contacts on the ground, in the Middle East and in Syria, there seems no doubt that ISIS was funded, armed and supported by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the US government, to topple the secular government of Assad of Syria.

There is also no doubt that the vast majority of Christians in Syria support Assad. His and his father's government have steadfastly protected Christians and suppressed the radical Islamicists Jihadists in Syria.

Six percent of the population of Syria are Christians, one of the highest percentages in the Middle East. I have seen photographs of churches packed with Syrian soldiers and large crowds of Christians walking with crosses and pictures of Assad. I have also received letters from church leaders in Syria, supporting Assad as their protector from the radical Islamic Jihadists. There has also been a number of films of Assad and his wife visiting churches and celebrating Christmas with Christians in Aleppo, since its liberation from the ISIS terror.

It would seem to me that if Ronald Reagan returned to the world today, he would identify the evil empire as centered on Washington DC. Over the last eight years the destabilisation of the Middle East and supporting of radical Islamic terrorist groups, like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and ISIS in Syria and Iraq, has been absolutely catastrophic.

It is extraordinary that now the Russian government prints Bibles, appoints chaplains, holds pro-life, pro-family conferences and is seeking to protect churches from persecution in the Middle East!

There are so many warnings in the Scripture against deception. It is absolutely essential that we be highly skeptical and critical of everything that the mainstream media tells us, especially considering that that is the same mainstream media that hates Christ, blasphemes His Name and supports the abortion industry, GayGB, pink inquisition.

We praise God that America has been given a reprieve from the Obamanation, Clintonista crime syndicate. We are continuing to pray steadfastly for the United States that you will regain your independence and freedom and replace the treacherous State Department personnel who have worked so steadfastly for the persecution and annihilation of Christians throughout the Middle East.

Yours for the fulfilment of the Great Commission

Dr. Peter Hammond

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