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Greetings in the precious Name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

"Declare His glory among the nations, His wonders among all peoples.” 1 Chronicles 16:24

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Since the completion of our Great Commission Course and my Mission to America, we organised the March for Life to Parliament on the National Day of Repentance and I travelled to the Transvaal to conduct a Great Commission Seminar. All departments at Frontline Fellowship have been chasing deadlines to complete new books, tracts, manuals, audio visual materials and DVDs in time for our various Overland Mission teams. We now have Mission teams in Namibia and Lesotho and I will be flying to join our team in Zambia tomorrow.

New Translation
By God's grace we were able to complete and receive back from the printer in time for our Mission teams heading out throughout South Africa and Namibia: Die Tien Gebooie - God se Volmaakte Wet van Vryheid “ a translation of our very popular Ten Commandments God's Law of Liberty book into Afrikaans. These have been much anticipated and are needed for Christian schools and home educators in particular.

New PublicationsChaplains-handbook cover web
A new, completely revised and expanded edition of the Chaplains Handbook, 140 pages, has now been printed and is enroute to mission fields and units across the border. An expanded edition of the Coalition on Revival's Reformation 500 FIRE Manual has also been printed, in time for the coming KwaSizabantu Ministers Conference in KwaZulu/Natal and Reformation 500 Conference in Lusaka, Zambia. A new edition of our popular Discipleship Training Manual came back from the printers just in time for our first Mission team to depart. We also completed a Part 1 of our New Testament Survey (Matthew to Corinthians) Manual for Bible students and pastors.

New Videos
Berdine and Christopher have been busy editing videos from our successful series of outreaches and events with the Eurochor. The Eurochor in Cape Town DVD is now available. More than 10 individual videos of their performances and messages presented at the Reformation Celebration events in Cape Town and Franschhoek are now available on our website video library and edited together in a DVD.

New Tracts
We have also received new tracts from the printers, including Spiritual Diseases “Time for a Spiritual Check-Up, Risen“ Evidences for the Resurrection, Lukewarm Believers Make God Sick, Beveg Die Nuwe Dwelm and a German translation of the 95 Theses for Reformation Today: 95 Thesen fur eine Reformation Heute.

Reformation Conferences
Invitations to conduct Reformation Conferences in America, Nigeria, Zambia, Holland, Germany and Namibia are already being integrated into our programme for the year.

Religious Freedom at Risk
We have also been involved in exposing the serious threats to religious freedom in South Africa posed by government Bills being discussed in Parliament. To read on what is involved and how we were able to challenge the Deputy Minister of Justice at a public meeting, see: Threats to Freedom of Speech.

Digital Libraries for Restricted Access Areas
Christopher has also updated our William Carey Bible Institute Digital Libraries, which are now available, not only on data discs, but on SD cards and on flash drives to equip pastors, teachers, Evangelists and chaplains in remote and restricted access areas with a tremendous library of books, audios, PowerPoints, videos and study materials to equip, enrich and empower their Evangelism and education ministries.

Faith Under Fire
We have received disturbing reports of Muslim terrorist attacks against pastors and churches in the Congo, Nigeria and Central African Republic. We are also receiving reports of widespread starvation in the wake of the ongoing civil war in South Sudan. Please pray for our teams ministering across seven countries.

Thank you for all your prayers, encouragement and support.

Yours for the fulfilment of the Great Commission

Dr. Peter Hammond

Frontline Fellowship
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