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 My Mission trip to Zambia coincided with intense rainfall and there was flooding in many of the areas visited. I had to drive through muddy, potholed roads and rivers, swamp areas and lakes, where thousands of homes, and many churches, were under water. However, none of this dampened the tremendous enthusiasm for the ministry and on numerous occasions, large numbers of people made public commitments to Christ at the end of the service. 

Chaplains Ministry
My hosts organized a VIP reception which whisked me passed customs and immigration procedures. I was received by the Minister of Home Affairs, Minister Lameck Mangani. The Honorable Mangani expressed interest in Frontline Fellowship assisting with the training of police and prison chaplains and supplying Evangelistic and Discipleship materials for prisons.

Book Donations
By God's grace, I was able to equip hundreds of pastors and theological students with copies of our new publications including: The Ten Commandments – God's Perfect Law of Liberty and The Apostles Creed – Firm Foundations For Your Faith. I also distributed boxes of Power of Prayer Handbooks, Biblical Principles For Africa, The Greatest Century of Reformation and audio CDs, DVDs and MP3s to various ministries, including the Baptist Convention in Zambia, the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia, The Bible Society of Zambia, Christian Vocational Training College, Kasupe Bible College, Justo Mwale Theological Seminary and various radio and TV ministries.

From Beer Hall to Bible
One of my hosts, The Bible Gospel Church in Africa, celebrated their 10th anniversary while I was in Lusaka. Ten years ago the denomination began in a converted beer hall. I remember preaching just over 9 years ago in that venue. Now the congregation in Matero has over 3000 members and The Bible Gospel Church in Africa has over 240 congregations and 89 community schools. BIGOCA has missions planting churches in most of the neighbouring countries of Zambia, including in the Congo, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Leadership Training
In the Bible colleges I lectured on: The Challenge of Islam, Comparing the Quran with the Bible, How to Effectively Evangelise Muslims, Understanding the Cold War and the Collapse of the Iron Curtain, Revival in the Bible and in History and The End of Islam. At the seminars I lecture on: The Ten Commandments, Poverty – Its Causes and Cure, Principles for Prosperity, God and Government, God's Word to a Nation, Reforming Society, Humanism is Self-Destructive, The Power of Gospel Literature and The Greatness of the Great Commission.

Church Ministry
At churches I preached on: Living in the Light of Eternal Judgment, Suffering and Thanksgiving, Living in the Light of Eternity, Reforming our Families and The Great Commission is our Supreme Ambition.

Multi-Media Ministry
By God's grace I was able to conduct over 30 meetings, including two leadership training seminars, lecturing at 3 Bible and Theological colleges, preaching at 4 churches and conducting radio and TV ministry. Books, audio CD boxsets, DVDs and MP3s were donated to college libraries and hundreds of Bibles were provided for ministries in Zambia.

“For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes.” Romans 1:16

Dr. Peter Hammond

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