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 As the catastrophic collapse of Zimbabwe accelerates, our outreaches to Zimbabwe have intensified.  Amidst massive, pervasive electricity power failures, a complete breakdown of the water services, massive outbreak of Cholera, schools and hospitals have been collapsing.  One school reported that they hadn't had any water or electricity for five years! 

A major hospital was about to close for lack of medicines and food.  Through key Christian contacts we learned of this and raced through a truck and trailer load of medical and food supplies.  Through these the local churches were enabled to revive the hospital and restore most of its services, amidst much outpouring of praise and thanksgiving to the Lord. 

As the Marxist government fails to meet basic needs, we have a unique opportunity for the church to step in and fill the gap.  In this way, without having to build any mission hospitals, we are able to turn government hospitals into mission hospitals by siezing the initiative and salvaging some of these collapsing institutions.

Of course, all of this is done along with film and literature evangelism, personal evangelism, discipleship programmes, Way of the Master and Evangelism Explosion.

With half of the Zimbabwe population having fled the country, it is our challenge to identify key evangelists, pastors and teachers, to practically support them so that they are able to stay and continue ministering, shining their bright light in a very, increasingly dark, situation.  Otherwise, many of these vital ministries would have already withdrawn from Zimbabwe.

Mugabe's days are surely numbered.  The opposition to the Marxist ZANU is rising to such levels that we can only anticipate the fall of this tyranny and a new dawn of opportunity to re-build Zimbabwe on Biblical principles.

The needs are huge, the opportunities unprecedented.

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