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By God’s grace, our mission team to Zimbabwe has succeeded in delivering the Boxes With Love, food, Gospel booklets, Bible commentaries, evangelistic and discipleship materials and medical supplies to key contacts in Zimbabwe.

As we were packing and preparing for this mission trip, news came through that the borders to Zimbabwe were closed, amidst massive congestion and chaos at the borders. Numerous contacts informed us that we had to postpone the trip as the doors to Zimbabwe were firmly closed.

However, it was to overcome just such obstacles and go through such closed doors that our mission was established. After intensive prayer, we were convinced that it was God's timing that we should continue to load the vehicle and drive off in faith.

With violence and riots across the country and with chaos at the closed borders, we mobilised our intercessors and our team had the joy of seeing many prayers answered, and obstacles removed, as the Lord made a way.

As we were praying that the Lord would open the way for our mission team, just as He had parted the Jordan River for Joshua and the children of Israel, our very heavily laden truck and trailer passed customs at the border, road blocks and check points, with astounding ease.

Soon destitute believers in Zimbabwe were rejoicing to receive life saving food supplies, Boxes With Love, and medicines, which enabled previously out-of-all-supplies hospitals to continue to receive patients and care for the sick. Our team reported back that they knew that many believers were upholding them in prayer. They were very aware that we were involved in spiritual warfare. Thank you so very much for your prayers and support at this critical time.

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