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This Article originaly appeared in 
"The Covenant Nations" 
Volume 1, Number 1, 2007. 
Used with permission. 

“Ian Smith was right after all …”

T HE above headline we have waited for many years to see appeared in the Daily Mail, London, for 19 th March, 2007, under Peter McKay’s column. The disaster of Zimbabwe is now so terrible that it has become possible to say in a British newspaper what for decades it has not been possible to say and remain credible in politically correct terms.

What is even more significant is that the article’s main reflection was on the words of leading anti-apartheidSmithcampaigner of yesteryear, Peter Hain, now a Cabinet Minister in the New Labour Government. Hain has said: “It’s high time the world united and told [Robert] Mugabe to go. To go now. And then, through sanction and support for the brave Zimbabwean resistance to his despotism, to make sure he does.” MaKay says: “Bravo! Hain is said to have ‘put his job on the line’ by saying this … [he] made his name by fighting white rule in Africa. He’s proud of his anti-apartheid activism. But the world has moved on … The white minority rule of Ian Smith was infinitely better than the black majority rule of Robert Mugabe. Hain could never see that. That’s why he is part of the problem and not of the solution.”

MaKay reflects on the past stability of the country and the realities the present disaster:

“Smith’s Rhodesia (as it was then called) was a land of milk and honey compared with Mugabe’s starving, destitute Zimbabwe. Blacks were better fed, better educated and enjoyed greater access to medical care … There’s nothing much we can do about it. Regime change is not an option. Zimbabwe doesn’t a pose a military threat to the West and South Africa’s government wouldn’t let us interfere anyway.

Zimbabweans, God help them, must sort out their own problems. They must find a way of removing Mugabe without filling the vacuum with someone who will turn out to be worse.”

It was on 3 rd February, 1960, that the then British prime minister Harold Macmillan, speaking in Cape Town to the South African parliament said: “The wind of change is blowing through this continent.” We are now 47 years on from that famously remembered speech and phrase. It is a period that will alert all students of the Divine Time Measures in that 47 years is exactly 60 displacements, or 60 x 286.1 days. When UDI was announced at 11.15am on 11 th November, 1965, it was exactly 47 years, or 60 displacements, from the Armistice in World War I which was announced at 11am on 11 th November 1918. When Ian Smith and his Cabinet took the decision to declare UDI they appreciated that it was taking place on Armistice Day and they deliberately made the announcement 15 minutes later than the 11am remembrance time. They also held a Day of Prayer. Ian Smith and other others knew that they were a Covenant Nation.

The British Labour government under Harold Wilson led the charge against Ian Smith. It distracted his party comrades in Britain from noticing the sheer uselessness of his administration. It was also an attack on the covenant British World Order, which was under threat of displacement generally in Africa, marked in time by Macmillan’s “wind of change” speech. How fitting therefore and supremely ironic, that after 47 years of displacement we see a New Labour Government in Britain under Tony Blair witnessing the consequences of forcing Black majority rule on peaceful Rhodesia. When we consider the increasingly serious situation in Zimbabwe and also in neighbouring South Africa where murderous crime is out of control, we wonder what 47Smithyyears from UDI will bring by 11 th November, 2012.

In Matthew 24: 31 Jesus Christ spoke of the four winds of world conflict from which His angels will be sent forth to gather, or rescue, His Elect from their extremity. The severity of the winds of change and conflict against the Covenant Nations is increasing. It may become even more severe in the days ahead. The tragedy is that millions in the Black populations have died, or are threatened with death, because the Israel nations have abandoned their role of leading the nations in peace. That essentially was what White minority rule was about and events have now proved that not only was Ian Smith right, but that God’s Great Plan was and is right. Which plan is that great calling of Abraham and his descendants to remain in a leadership role among other peoples and nations, this in order administer government in His righteousness.

Michael A. Clark

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