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 Dear Praying Friends

Greetings in Jesus’ precious Name. The Lord is bringing things together for the upcoming outreach and re-supply mission to the newly independent country of South Sudan, but the departure date is a looming cliff-hanger. Here are some details:

  • One mission truck is ready, having been repaired following damage sustained on the recent mission to Loziland.
  • The Mission has strengthened its off-road trailer (4-wheel, 2-axel, 1.5 ton capacity).
  • Another off-road trailer needs to be purchased to transport the needed evangelistic and discipleship materials.
  • This week they need to finish equipping the second vehicle with an extra fuel tank, winch, snorkel and HD springs.
  • There are insufficient funds for the second and third vehicles, which they had hoped for.
  • The Mission teams have invitations from many Church leaders in South Sudan which opens the door for ministry in hundreds of congregations and schools. The College, library and clinic established by the Mission several years ago are now led by nationals. They will be re-supplied on this trip.
  • At this point they still need funds for diesel fuel for the vehicles.

I drove this same distance (over 5,000 miles) a few years back. The equipment listed above is the minimum needed. The heavy-duty springs were developed by an Australian company for trekking in the out-back. They’re known as Old Man EMU. I can tell you that they are vital, not so much for the loads, but the roads! Standard springs are broken and useless by the end of a one-way journey. I’ve seen vehicles abandoned in the north due to such breakdowns. The snorkel is necessary for the diesel engine to breathe under water when fording rivers (where the Muslims have bombed the bridges). A winch is vital when a vehicle gets stuck in mud and needs pulling out. An extra fuel tank is helpful due to the unavailability of diesel in most areas.

Time is running out on this “window of opportunity” to help in the birth of a new nation – South Sudan. Peter plans to send two teams, but still needs funds to cover final vehicle prep and fuel costs.

Some of you have given already. God will bless you in His own wonderful way. Some have promised to give. Now is the time. I mean today – the first team is scheduled to get underway toward South Sudan no later than this coming Monday. This is vital to meet commitments and urgent needs in South Sudan.

We need to stand with our mission teams on the frontline in both serious prayer and sacrificial practical support. Time is very critical. Please send your most generous gift possible to FF-USA, P.O. Box 728, Manitou Springs, CO 80829 in the USA, or to Frontline Fellowship, P.O. Box 74, Newlands, Cape Town, South Africa.

Yours in His grip,

Rev. Bill Bathman 
Chairman of the Board 
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Website: www.frontline.org.za
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