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Elephant Crossing

After the sun set it was very dark. There was very little traffic and it was quite an occasion to see an oncoming vehicle. Suddenly we saw elephants, clearly silhouetted in the headlights of an approaching vehicle. Elephants are surprisingly difficult to see at night, being dark grey. We praised God for His protection that, at the only occasion elephants were crossing the road in front of us, an oncoming vehicle illuminated and silhouetted them in their headlights in time.

Wilderness Campsite

When we finally arrived at the campsite, we found that it had been abandoned, probably about a year ago. The campsite was all grown over and dilapidated. The perimeter fence had broken down in numerous places and we soon discovered that we were the intruders in a territory of wild animals.

Hippo Hollow

I saw yellow eyes reflecting from high up in the tree, which I thought might belong to a leopard. A buck darted off in one direction. We heard the familiar grunts of hippos, but this time very close. We heard the sounds of a nearby heard of elephants grunting and sniffing at the intruders who had disturbed their evening grazing.

Unstable Platform

We heard the sounds of branches of trees breaking as if some large creature was coming crashing through the bush. We climbed to the safety of a raised camping platform, only to find that the platform itself was very shaky, rotten and in disrepair. Of course, these platforms are also easily accessible by leopards. It all made for an interesting situation.

Chaplains Training Course

At Livingstone, close to the Victoria Falls, we began our Chaplains Training Course early the next morning. I presented Livingstone the Liberator, Biblical Solutions to Crime, Crime and Corruption - A Christian Response and The Way of the Master Evangelism Training.

Mission to Zambia

These presentations were eagerly received by the District Chaplains who were taking notes and asking questions. We then were able to equip the chaplains with Frontline Fellowship's Chaplains Handbook, Chaplains Prayerbook, Practical Discipleship and Mark Cahill's booklet: The Second Greatest Lie. Those chaplains who had access to a computer, also received our Biblical Worldview Seminar data disc.

Audio Visual Materials

We also left a library of DVDs and MP3s for the chaplains to draw from, including: The Biggest Question, Amazing Grace – The History and Theology of Calvinism, A Call For Discernment, Islam Rising, Basic Christian Teaching and Training Boxset and Muslim Evangelism Workshop. 

Great Commission Seminar

At our next venue we were impressed with the preparations that had been specifically made for our seminar. A special shelter had been built from grass and sticks, able to accommodate approximately 300 people. We soon found that many of those who had gathered for the Great Commission Seminar were actually in need of evangelising themselves. We presented the Way of the Master and used the Law of God as the schoolmaster that leads us to Christ. "The Law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul." There were many questions and comments and I was able to counsel some young men to Salvation.

Multi-Media Ministry

We also presented The Greatness of the Great Commission, God is Able to Use Me, and Hearing and Doing. We then showed the Jesus film and the Mandla film. After the Jesus film we counselled two people who responded to the Gospel and surrendered their lives to Christ.

Ministry in Lusaka

We left at 5:30am to make our Sunday service in Lusaka at 8am, where I preached on Outrageous Courage. This worship service was blessed by God and the believers were joyful and enthusiastic. The message was well received and the people were responsive. The preaching was often interrupted with shouts of Amen and Halleluiah! The sermon centred on expounding Romans 1:16. We are obligated to preach the Gospel. We must be eager to preach the Gospel, and we must not be ashamed of the Gospel.

Please Continue to Pray for our Mission to Zambia

After this we went off to another church service where I preached on Motivated By Mercy. This week we have a Great Commission Seminar and a Discipleship Seminar.

We are very grateful for your prayers and support.

Yours in His service

Michael Watson
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