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Dear Praying Friends


Since 1961 the primary focus of our ministry has been evangelizing, and serving persecuted Christians in restricted-access countries. Initially this was to the communist world and more recently into Muslim lands. At this moment, we have a Frontline Fellowship team ministering in Nigeria, where the radical Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram have stepped-up their murderous campaign of bombing churches every Sunday. They have killed over 1,000 Christians in the past 2 years. Last month, 23 people were killed on June 17 in multiple bombing attacks on 3 churches in Kaduna state.


Kaduna state is on the line dividing the Muslim north and the Christian South in oil-rich Nigeria. Three churches were hit simultaneously during Sunday morning worship services in co-ordinated suicide bombing attacks. What kind of god orders his followers to strap on explosives and deliberately kill innocents? A satanic one. Please pray for the Team as they reach out to these lost souls.


July is mid-winter in South Africa, but snow and icy conditions did not deter Dr. Peter Hammond and a 7-member Frontline team from conducting a Biblical Worldview Seminar in Riversdale (190 miles east of Cape Town), nor did it diminish the number of attending participants. Other Frontline teams were in Zambia and Zimbabwe last month.


Personal: Our kidney-donor daughter Lenora was here last week with the beneficiary, Christopher, our grandson. It was a short, but very precious time of fellowship. A friend covered Lenora's airfare. Christopher was part of the South African Karate team competing in the International competition in New Jersey earlier this month. They were the second largest group (after USA) and won the most medals, including 12 Gold! They were admired among the other participating nations for their "best spirit and stellar performance."


Many of you have prayed for Christopher, born 17 years ago with renal failure and not expected to live past the first week. His 'miracle story' from terminal to transplant is posted, with a picture, on my blog page. (click here)


They have socialized most medicine in South Africa and we thought all the transplant expenses were covered, but not so. (We'll find out the same thing in America, once Obamacare kicks in.) Upon questioning, Lenora shared with us that they still have outstanding hospital expenses of $8,000 from the kidney transplant 2 ½ years ago. They are paying it off, $100 a time as the Lord supplies. We thought you'd want to know.


Yours in His grip


Rev. Bill Bathman

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