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Dear Friends of Frontline Fellowship, 

Greetings in Jesus’ precious Name! 

It is my great joy to have been intimately associated with this Mission for over 21 years. During this time I have seen the Lord’s leading in the life and ministry of Dr. Peter Hammond and the steady growth of Frontline Fellowship.

 Frontline’s ministry is unique among missions in that it has a 3-fold outreach to body, mind and spirit. 

BODY: Many clinics and a small field hospital have been established in strategic areas to aid the sick and infirm and Boxes with Love delivered to pensioners and prisoners in Zimbabwe. 

MIND: Leadership training courses are conducted regularly, along with the Great Commission Course, God and Government Seminars, Discipleship Training Courses and Muslim Evangelism Workshop. In addition Dr. Hammond has established the William Carey Bible Institute to train young men and women to reach the present as well as the next generation – thus ‘making disciples.’ 

SPIRIT: The Gospel is preached throughout more than 14 countries in Africa, where Frontline teams minister and many precious souls come to Christ each year. 

It is a thrill to read the reports from Field Teams returning from ministry trips into unreached areas, mapping villages with their GPS, introducing pagans to the Prince of Peace and bringing faith and hope to those who were lost. 

A very unique feature of this mission I’ve noticed is that they almost never mention financial needs! Yet we all know that it takes money to buy petrol (or diesel) to send the 4-wheel drive vehicles into these unreached areas. The teams live very frugally, but the 2 month field trips cost thousands of Rands, and they are worth every penny. Printing literature is very costly. Whole editions of carefully selected books are ordered (by faith) and Bibles, in the language of the local tribes, are printed. The bills come, and must be paid to maintain a positive Christian testimony. 

Frontline has suffered a 40% drop in income this year. Many of you are feeling the pressure of the current financial crisis too. We understand. You are a friend of Frontline Fellowship, and I thought you’d want to know. If you can make an end-of-year gift to Frontline it would be a tremendous blessing and the teams and those they minister to would be eternally grateful. 

May God bless you abundantly, especially during this wonderful season when we remember that, “… the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us.” 

Yours in His grip, 

Rev. Bill Bathman

Chairman of the Board

Frontline Fellowship – USA

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