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Campus Carnage

At about 10pm on 1st October, heavily armed Muslims attacked the off-campus hostels of the Federal Polytechnic State University, College of Health Technology and several private residences of Christians in the Tudun Wada Wuro Patuje area of Adamawa state. The assailants demanded to know the names of each student. Those with Christian names were shot, or stabbed. Their bodies were left in lines outside the student hostels.

Selection for Extermination

Those students with Muslim names were required to quote from the Qur'an. Those who could accurately quote from the Qur'an were allowed to go. Those Muslim students who failed to quote the Qur'an were treated as infidels and shot and slashed.

Recant or Die

One of the survivors, Manasseh, reported that: "They asked me to recant my Christian Faith to spare my life. I refused. After my Muslim roommate quoted some Islamic scripture, he was told to leave the room, they said they were only after these infidels who would all die that day. Then they shot me and slashed my back." Manasseh was left for dead, but survived, despite the grievous wounds.

The Testimony of a Survivor

Another survivor, Elkanah Sardauna, testified: "I was asked to say my name. To which I replied that I am a Christian and that my name is Elkanah. They threw me to the ground and shouted Allahu Akbar! I cried out to Jesus, face to the ground. They demanded that I stop calling on Jesus, but I persisted. The next moment I was shot in the hand, and then slashed with a knife at the back of my neck. They must have thought I was dead, because they left. It was only God who saved me when they came to our room. We were four sharing a room and all of us had Christian names. My three roommates were killed before my eyes." 

Student Representative Council Targeted

Prior to their attack, Muslims had circulated letters warning the believers that they must either recant their Christian Faith within two weeks, or suffer fatal consequences. Later, police searches of student residences uncovered weapon stashes including brand new AK-47s, submachine guns and poison tipped arrows. Numerous Muslim students have been arrested since the attacks. Some claim that the Federal Polytechnic had been targeted because the students had elected a Christian for their president. Several of the Student Representative Council were among those murdered during the attack.

Ethnic Cleansing

Approximately 50% of Adamawa State's population is Christian. It is not one of the 12 Northern states of Nigeria which imposes Shari'a law. However, Muslim radicals are attempting to ethnically cleanse the state of Christians in order to make Adamawa an Islamic state under Shari'a law.

Suicide Bomb Attack

On Sunday, 28 October, a suicide car bomber drove into a church in Northern Nigeria. At least 7 worshippers were killed and more than 100 injured during this suicide bombing attack. The church targeted was St. Rita's Catholic Church in Kaduna. The explosive laden vehicle drove through a wall into the church, detonating its load and ripping a large hole in the wall and roof. Kaduna is on the dividing line between the Muslim North and Christian South in Nigeria.

Pray for the Persecuted

Sunday, 4 November is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. See the new IDOP-Africa website for articles, news and resources to mobilise your church, or school to pray for the persecuted.

Over 400 million Christians live under 66 governments which restrict religious freedom and persecute believers. Every year an average of 220,000 Christians are killed for their Faith.

"Remember the prisoners as if chained with them - those who are mistreated - since you yourselves are in the Body also." Hebrews 13:3

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