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Dear Friends of Frontline Fellowship, 

This request is so monumental I do not know exactly where to begin. Here is the situation. Our Director, Dr. Peter Hammond, has worked over a period of 17 years in South Sudan, most during the brutal war with the Muslim North. He trained Chaplains, pastors, school teachers, and Evangelists and set up medical clinics to help the people survive their struggle.     

Now, South Sudan is free. It is the newest independent nation on earth. Dr. Hammond’s vision is to help them build a nation on Christian principles. He has accordingly set up a 5-stage, 9-year program to achieve this goal. It includes:  

1.  A Vocational Training College to insure that South Sudan can establish a viable economy. Students would become self-supporting through learning useful trades.

2.  An ambitious Agricultural Program. Agricultural specialists from South Africa and Zimbabwe are ready to move to South Sudan and train commercial farmers in cooperation with the Vocational Training College. A part of the training would be working on the farms allocated to the College. This project would very soon begin to pay for itself. The agricultural potential in South Sudan is tremendous. There is no shortage of water for irrigation with the Nile and its

3.  Nature conservation. The tourism potential of South Sudan is enormous, with its vast open spaces and the greatest river in the world, the huge swamp area of the Sudd, which is still a sanctuarymagnificent African wildlife.

4.  Setting up Small Businesses. Those who excel at their vocational training and are recommended by the local Church leaders could be granted loans to help them set up small businesses in their towns and villages. These mechanics, carpenters, bricklayers, bakers, plumbers and technicians would be able to provide services that now have to be done in neighboring Kenya or Uganda. The vast amount of money saved from needless travel to the next country and the enriching of local communities will enable these new businessmen to employ others, who will pay their tithes and taxes and build a strong middle class.

5.  Infrastructure Development. Dr. Hammond is personally acquainted with the President of South Sudan, Salve Kiir, and the Minister of Finance the honorable Kosti Manube, who has attended several of Frontline’s training courses over the years. Frontline personnel also know several of the new Governors in South Sudan, having gained their trust and admiration during many years of working together during the long war with the Muslim North.    

There is a window of opportunity before the New Year to make a tax-deductible gift to Frontline Fellowship in order to jump-start this bold and imaginative project. Please help us to enable South Sudan to begin building on a Christian foundation in 2013.     

Thank you for your prayers and practical involvement. 

Yours in His grip,

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Rev. Bill Bathman
Chairman of the Board of Frontline Fellowship 

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