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A Message from the Chairman of the Board of Frontline Fellowship


Dear Friends,


The opportunity God has placed before us in Frontline Fellowship is monumental. Our Mission Director, Dr. Peter Hammond calls it, "Strategic Projects for South Sudan." It is a 9-year program with 5 specific stages. The first two focus on the 'basics' necessary for a new nation to become viable - agriculture and vocational training. (I'll outline the other 3 stages later.) No nation in history has lasted very long without a strong, solid agricultural foundation. Food and water are fundamental for life. Ignoring that fact was communism's biggest mistake: moving folks from the farm to the factory.


As a Vocational Training College is taking shape in South Sudan, students will become self-supporting by learning a useful trade. The agricultural program is already attracting specialists from South Africa and Zimbabwe who are ready to move to South Sudan and train commercial farmers in cooperation with the Vocational Training College. A part of the training would be working on the farms allocated to the College.


These projects will very soon become self-supporting. The agricultural potential in South Sudan is tremendous. There is no shortage of water for irrigation with the Nile and its many tributaries.


Matthew concludes his Gospel with the reminder that "all authority" has been given to Jesus Christ, and His command is to "Go... and make disciples of all the nations." This Project is a solid example of that kind of Bible-based, Christian Worldview inspiration that will result in nation-building for God. This is a history-making program that deserves the widest possible prayer and practical support from Christians worldwide.


Yours in His grip,

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Rev. Bill Bathman

Chairman of the Board of Frontline Fellowship

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