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This year Frontline Fellowship is celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the birth and lifetime achievements of Dr. David Livingstone, who is widely regarded as "Africa's best friend" because he introduced the life-changing, soul-saving Gospel of Jesus Christ to a dark and pagan culture, thus changing nations and in the process virtually eradicated the vicious Islamic slave trade at that time.


To celebrate the anniversary of Dr. David Livingstone sighting, mapping and naming of Victoria Falls on 16 November 1855, Frontline Fellowship is organizing a Victoria Falls Livingstone Safari. Victoria Falls is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world. It is over a mile wide and 360 feet high - twice the width and height of Niagara Falls. On the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, it is one of the most breath-taking and spectacular sights in Africa. Every minute millions of gallons of raging white water of the Zambezi River pours over the edge and plummets into the deep gorge below, creating a mist that rises over 1,000 feet which natives describe as "the smoke that thunders."


Livingstone 200

2013 is the Livingstone Bicentennial. Throughout Africa, and in many other parts of the world, special events have been arranged to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of David Livingstone. Frontline Fellowship has hosted a series of special events at Livingstone House, our Missionary Headquarters in Cape Town. We have also launched the website and Dr. David Livingstone Facebook page, Peter Hammond is working on "The Life and Legacy of David Livingstone" book and the Mission is engaged in filming a documentary on David Livingstone.


An Experience of a Lifetime

If you have always wanted to visit Africa, this would be a unique opportunity to enjoy a tremendous holiday on the banks of one of the greatest rivers in Africa, within sight of the mighty 'smoke that thunders,' Victoria Falls. Our travel consultant has negotiated major discounts through block bookings with the Royal Livingstone Hotel on the Zambezi River, overlooking Victoria Falls. This is a 5 star hotel with every imaginable facility at the premier location, closest to Victoria Falls, in the middle of a nature reserve, surrounded by wild animals. Hey folks, it doesn't get any better than this!


In the Footsteps of David Livingstone

Peter and Lenora Hammond will personally lead the Victoria Falls Livingstone Safari, including a cruise on the Zambezi River, a tour of Victoria Falls and the Livingstone Museum, plus a special commemoration service on the banks of the Zambezi, November 16, the anniversary of David Livingstone sighting and naming of Victoria Falls.


A Unique Opportunity

Space is very limited for this major missionary milestone and historic event. If you are interested in joining the Livingstone Safari (13-18 November 2013), please contact our travel agent Rhynhardt Naurattel, USA toll free 1-877 511-6860, email, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . More details are available on our website Early booking is essential in order to secure the 25% discount negotiated by our travel agent.


Activities for the Adventurous

Daily, after breakfast, Peter will lead the tour group to some special sites: Victoria Falls, the Livingstone Museum. Afternoons are free for participants to select their chosen activity from a number of electives: whether a never-to-be-forgotten elephant ride through a nature reserve, bungee jumping off Victoria Falls bridge, or simply enjoying the swimming pool and facilities of the luxury hotel. Each evening the group will savor supper together overlooking the Zambezi River, followed by evening PowerPoint presentations on the three great African expeditions of David Livingstone, his upbringing, life and legacy, and that of his convert, Henry Morton Stanley.


Livingstone Mission

Several Frontline Fellowship Mission teams, including Mike and Renee (just back from Sudan) will be taking part in the Victoria Falls Livingstone Safari. Thousands of Bibles, New Testaments, Gospel booklets, Discipleship books and audio visual materials are being pre-positioned for distribution to churches in Zambia and Zimbabwe as part of the Livingstone 200 celebrations.


Opportunities for Ministry

For ministers, missionaries and Evangelists joining the Livingstone Safari, we are arranging numerous preaching opportunities in local churches of Livingstone on Sunday, 17 November. Zambia is officially a Christian country and one of several central African states grateful for the life and legacy of Dr. David Livingstone, the first man to proclaim the Gospel in their region.


If You Have Time You Can Add on an Excursion

If you want to stay on in Africa after the 13-18 November Safari, you can book excursions to Kruger National Park in South Africa, or Chobe Game Reserve in neighboring Botswana through our travel consultant. Come on, admit it, you've always wanted to go on an African safari. Here's an opportunity to combine it with ministry. Have a great trip!

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