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Update from Mike & Renee in South Sudan: "The trailer axle is severely damaged by a bearing that broke and disintegrated. We were forced to leave the trailer with Daniel and ride out in search of a new axle." [That was Thursday June 13.]


Praise the Lord, the emergency funds got there in time and they found a second-hand axle [in Juba] which was still affixed to a trailer.


"Michael says he can make [it] work on our trailer... although it isn't exactly the same as ours. It is ridiculous what they are asking for it,  but we are out of options and are pressed for time. They are going to take it off for us now." [That was Friday]


[Renee is writing this report while Mike and Daniel make the road-side repairs]: "Yesterday after returning to our trailer with a new (second-hand) axle, we discovered that our wheel-nuts do not fit the new axle!  We had to drive back to the town where we bought the axle to get wheel nuts. (2hours there and 2 hours back). When we got back we found that only 4 of the 12 will work on our axle!"


[Now it's Saturday] "This morning we saddled up our trailer with 2 wheel nuts on each tire and attempted the 2 hour tumultuous road to the nearest town where we can get some working wheel nuts. We have been forced to stop along the way to make another plan because the rims and axle are being damaged by the 2 wheel nuts. Mike and Daniel are sawing and filing the other wheel nuts to make them fit on our axle.


"Unfortunately we have had to once again abandon Daniel and our trailer on the side of the road, as one of the bolts have snapped right off! We are frustrated and exhausted! Please pray for us to find what we need to fix the problem.


"Last night we dodged bullets (literally) while changing the trailer axle in the red zone (bandit territory). This made us explicitly aware of how vulnerable we are outside of God's Protection. It reinforces our dependence on God."


Frustrated, exhausted and vulnerable; Please continue to pray for the Lord's peace, strength and protection for Mike, Renee and Daniel. We'll keep you posted.

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