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Latest word this morning from Dr. Peter Hammond at Mission HQ in Cape Town:

     "Michael has been keeping in regular contact through emails, blackberry and satellite phone. They are in an extremely dangerous part of Eastern Equatoria, [South Sudan] near [a small village]. The trailer axle and bearings have broken [due to the extraordinarily rough roads]. Newest team member Daniel has remained alone to guard the trailer, while Michael and Renee race through to Juba to obtain the spares necessary. There is bandit and rebel activity in the area [plus tribal wars].

      "This has proven to be expensive and we [need] to send through more funds to meet this unforeseen contingency. The problem is our funds here are completely depleted. FF-USA informs us that [they] have nothing [at the moment] to send us! If there is anything that you can do to alert supporters, we would be most grateful."


There is a second urgent need: Peter continues -

     "We also have a major printing opportunity coming up. For some years now, we have been working on the reprinting of the Moru Hymnbook. This was a major project of 1996. Since that time, the only Hymnbooks they have had in Moruland [Western Equatoria] have been the 5,000 Hymnbooks I provided to them in 1996/1997. These are now in tatters.

      "We have [completed] an extremely long process of having the [Pastors and] Bishops appoint Translation Committees to approve all additions and corrections to the Hymnbook before authorising its reprinting by Sudan Literature Centre, now based in Yei, [South Sudan]. All concerned have approved, the Hymnbook is ready to print.

      "The problem is that at this moment we do not have the funds to give the 'go ahead.' Yet this month is the very best time for it to be printed, because Michael can oversee the distribution of the Hymnbooks efficiently throughout the Diocese of Moruland while he's in country through July. If you know anybody interested in such a worthy printing project as the Moru Hymnbook, please let them know of this need."


Footnote: Harriett and I have raided our savings this morning to get funds for the axel repair to Frontline Fellowship by tomorrow morning. It may not be sufficient, but it's a significant start. The needs outlined above represent an emergency (broken axel) and an opportunity (new Moru Hymnbook) which will cost $10,000 to print 5,000 copies. Please PRAY. If you are able to pitch in a one-time gift for either the emergency or opportunity, please indicate which one and send it to:

        Frontline Fellowship-USA, P.O. Box 728, Manitou Springs, CO 80829.


Thanks for your continued prayers for Mike, Renee and Daniel. We'll keep you posted.

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