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     I've just received this report and prayer request from Mike and Renee, Frontline's overland mission team, now in the 3rd month of their 7-month mission journey. I've edited out the names of specific towns for security reasons and I've underlined some points for emphasis. Otherwise, the report is exactly as we received it here. Last Friday we received a detailed report of their trip thus far (which I've been editing) and I'll send that tomorrow.

               Mike's prayer requests:

"We are all fine. It is extremely hot in this place.

     We are still in [Kenya]. We will leave early tomorrow morning for [northern destination]. The security situation from here is allegedly pretty dangerous. Between [our present location] and [first town] it's about 45km (28 miles) of extremely bad roads. There are bandits who take advantage of the slow moving vehicles. Armed escorts are strongly advised for this area.

     From [first town] the security situation is ok until [second town]. This is an area where the SSDA rebels led by a man called Yau Yua (from the Morle tribe) are causing havoc and the SPLA soldiers have been trying to drive them northwards towards Ethiopia.

     There is another dangerous security area soon after [third town]where bandits attack travelers.

     I hope to do the whole stretch in one day, but I may have to stop either in [alternate] or [second alternate] depending on the security situation ahead.

     I have made contact with an AIM-AIR pilot in [Kenya]. They will be on standby to give us any needed air support from here to [destination]. 

     I have given them the office contact details [in Cape Town] in the event that they need any payments, they will be contacting you.

Yours in His service, and loving it!



That's it. Now to your knees and pray, please. May God continue to bless and use you for His glory.

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