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Thank you for your prayers for Frontline Fellowship's husband-wife team, Mike and Renée as they begin their second month of a 7-month mission journey through 12 African countries. Their time in Mozambique was truly blessed of the Lord as they preached the Word, conducted Biblical Worldview Seminars and distributed Bibles and Christian literature. Leaving the country presented some unusual problems: a strategic bridge was closed due to a flood, so they had to back-track 300 miles to find another way. One of the filling stations was out of diesel and it was 120 miles to the next station. Good thing they had twin tanks for extra range - they were driving on 'fumes' by the time they could refuel. Now they're in Malawi, ministering in a Muslim area. Please keep praying.

     This has been a busy week in Cape Town. Beginning on Monday, Dr. Peter Hammond conducted a 3-day open air crusade in a Muslim area of Africa's Mother City. Whole neighborhoods turned out to hear the Word of God as Peter preached with the aid of huge powerful speakers for the P.A. system. One man came from four blocks away, having heard every word, to give his heart to the Lord. Souls were saved each night; Bibles and Christian literature were distributed.

     On Wednesday a 20-foot container with 17 tons of Bibles and books arrived at the Mission HQ. It was 'all hands on deck' as the staff spent the next four hours unloading. They spent the rest of the week sorting through and categorizing this treasure trove which included Gospel tracts, Sunday School literature, commentaries, audio visuals and other valuable Scriptural material. Most of these Bibles will be distributed in English-speaking countries where Dr. David Livingstone first pioneered the Gospel: Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Tanzania. Currently, Frontline has teams in or headed to these countries.

     On a family note our granddaughter, Daniela Hammond, was on the ice skating team that represented South Africa at the 2013 World Synchronized Skating Championship in Boston last week. She is a gifted, graceful, gliding beauty - but then perhaps I'm biased.

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