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This week marks the 2nd anniversary of Africa's newest country - South Sudan. Mike, Renee and Daniel, our Overland Mission team are busy implementing the initial phases of Frontline's 5-stage, 9-year program designed to give the new country a solid Christian foundation. Now in the 5th month of their 7-month multi-nation journey, the Team has driven 11,000 miles, run the gauntlet through ambush alley, coped with various mechanical breakdowns and conducted over 210 meetings (including 71 in Kenya) and 25 so far in South Sudan. Your prayers have sustained them all the way.

Saturday, July 13 is the 200th anniversary of the arrival in Burma of America's first foreign missionaries, Adoniram Judson and his wife Ann. "Their legacy continues to shine in Burma through the Karen people, an island of Christianity in a sea of Buddhism" notes Peter Hammond, "[where they are] courageously standing up against persecution."

On Sunday, July 14 France celebrates Bastille Day which marks the beginning of the French Revolution, an anti-Christian movement and prototype for all communist revolutions since. Your prayers have enabled us to preach the Gospel in every major communist country and most of the minor ones during the past fifty-two years. With your continued prayers, Harriett and I plan to keep on keeping on.

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