Thank you very much for your letter and query concerning my article, The Failure of Atheism and the Triumph of Faith in Russia from Christian Action.

No, I do not regard the Russian Orthodox church as truly Orthodox in a Biblical sense. We are Protestant, Reformed and Evangelical. Our Mission is committed to working for Reformation and praying for Revival.

Our deep-heartfelt prayer is for the Russian Orthodox church to be thoroughly Evangelised and Discipled, Reformed and Revived. The article is not meant to be any kind of endorsement of the Russian Orthodox church, but to focus on the truly uplifting testimony of the abject failure of atheism and communism in the Soviet Union and the resurgence of Faith in Christ in Russia today.

The symbolism of Christ the Saviour Cathedral having been destroyed by Joseph Stalin's order and yet rebuilt today, is a truly remarkable symbolic defeat for communism and atheism.

Similarly, the fact that outside the Lubyanka (KGB headquarters) in Moscow, the statue of NKVD Founder, Dzerzhinsky, has now been toppled and is replaced with a simple stone and Scripture in memory of those who were martyred for their Faith recalls the stone that the builders rejected as worthless, the chief Cornerstone, the stone in Daniel Chapter 2, which struck the base of this statue, representing the empires of this world, which crumbled to dust and the winds blew the dust away while the stone grew to be a mountain that filled the whole earth.

We look forward to the fulfilment of the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Evangelisation, Discipleship and Reformation of all the churches in Russia.

You can see from our Mission Constitution and our published articles that we stand in the mainstream of Protestant, Evangelical and Reformed Christianity.

We see the Russian Orthodox church as a mission field.

We have numerous Russian, Ukrainian and Romanian friends and have the opportunity of ministering to Russian, Ukrainian and Romanian Baptists. Sometimes we even have the opportunity of ministering in orthodox and Coptic churches. On those occasions, as on all others, we make sure the Gospel is proclaimed faithfully and without compromise.

May God abundantly bless, guide and strengthen you.

Yours for the fulfilment of the Great Commission

Dr. Peter Hammond


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