To answer your questions in response to my article on the 70th Anniversary of the Destruction of Dresden, my Father was a British soldier in the Royal Artillery who fought in the 8th Army all 6 years of the Second World War, mostly in North Africa, under Field Marshall Montgomery.

I have ministered throughout Eastern Europe, from Poland in the North through to Romania, Bulgaria and Albania in the South. The betrayal of over 100 Million Christians into the hands of the brutal communist regime of Josef Stalin's Soviet Union by the Allies at Yalta and the incinerating of whole cities, such as Dresden, were war crimes that every Christian should be outraged about.

We are against every form of socialism and secularisation. To fight Hitler's National Socialism did not require supporting Stalin's International Socialism.

The world today is immeasurably worse than it was in 1939.

I believe a large part of the blame can be laid upon the irresponsible Rapture-fever, date-setting, end-times frenzy which has distracted the Church while the secular humanists have hijacked the schools, colleges, media and governments and paganised our societies.

I do not believe we are in the end times and I am convinced that a lot of the chaos we are in today is as a result of this Eschatology of defeat and retreat.

The greatest century of Missions was inspired by the Eschatology of Victory and the Post-millennial Puritan hope. Missionaries such as Dr. David Livingstone and William Carey were inspired by the conviction that the Great Commission will be fulfilled before the return of our Lord.

This Left Behind/Tim La Hay/Hal Lindsay/Dave Hunt/gospel According to Hollywood has led all too many Christians to not plan for the future, not plan long-term, nor think of their grandchildren's generation. As a result the civilisation built up over generations has been allowed to be hijacked by a small group of anti-Christ atheists who have legalised abortion, pornography, perversion and are even now persecuting Christians for standing up for basic principles such as marriage being a partnership of love between one man and one woman for life!

Please consider: Are We Living in the Last Days and The Eschatology of Victory in the Greatest Century of Missions articles. These can also be viewed as PowerPoints on our website through our Slideshare link.

We need a back to the Bible Reformation and Revival.

Yours for Faith and freedom

Dr. Peter Hammond


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