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Frontline Fellowship seeks to glorify God through:

  • Evangelising in War Zones
  • Assisting Persecuted Churches
  • Working for Reformation and Revival in Africa

Serving God in:

Angola , Mozambique , Malawi, Nigeria , South Africa , Sudan , Zambia , Zimbabwe and the Congo.

Evangelising in the War Zones
Frontline Fellowship is a Bible based African mission that has pioneered missionary work into neglected mission fields froand areas resistant to the Gospel. Since 1982, Frontline missionaries have travelled hundreds of thousands of kilometers by foot, by motorbikes, by dugout canoes, trucks and aircraft to boldly proclaim the Gospel of repentance and faith in Christ to soldiers, guerrillas, resistance fighters and civilians on all sides of many conflicts in Africa .

The Founder and Director of Frontline Fellowship, Dr. Peter Hammond , has personally carried out over 100 missions in the war zones and presented over 12,000 sermons, Bible studies and lectures in 33 countries. In the course of their missionary activities some Frontline missionaries have been ambushed, come under artillery bombardment and mortar fire, been stabbed, shot at, beaten by mobs, arrested and imprisoned. The Frontline mission base and high school in Sudan repeatedly came under aerial bombardment by the government of Sudan Air Force (10 times in 18 months). Over the years, 20 people involved in Frontline Fellowship outreaches have been imprisoned in Marxist or Muslim countries. Yet, by the grace of God, every one was freed in response to persistent prayer and pressure (Luke 18:1 – 5).

clip image002 Assisting Persecuted Churches altFrontline Fellowship has been in the forefront of:

  • Pioneering missionary work into war-ravaged Angola , Mozambique and Sudan;
  • Researching and opening up neglected areas and restricted access areas;
  • Assisting persecuted Christians and prisoners with books, emergency relief aid (including tons of medicines, foods, clothes, seed, bicycles and tools), encouragement and Bible teaching;
  • Developing a network of couriers and evangelists to distribute many tons of Bibles, in up to 100 languages, to suffering Christians;
  • Providing in-depth leadership training for thousands of pastors, evangelists, chaplains, teachers, nurses and civil leaders in neglected areas;
  • Speaking up for the persecuted, publishing the sufferings and testimonies of believers in print, on radio, T.V. and in hundreds of international meetings every year.

Working for Reformation and Revival
Frontline Fellowship is a leading force in leadership training and networking for Reformation.

Frontline Fellowship publishes an average of 80 items a year and has distributed millions of Gospel leaflets, booklets, books and Bibles throughout Africa.

Frontline Fellowship conducts an average of 20 seminars, conferences or workshops each year. Through literature and leadership training, Frontline Fellowship is educating and enlisting tens of thousands of Christians to “disciple the nations…teaching obedience.” Just in Sudan, since 1995, Frontline Fellowship trained thousands of pastors, chaplains, medics and teachers.

In Zimbabwe , Frontline is distributing food, medicines and Scriptures into some of the most desperately needy areas and providing leadership training.thousands of pastors, chaplains, medics and teachers.
They also provided thousands of Christian textbooks to over 100 schools in Sudan . FF has delivered and distributed over 300,000 Bibles and Christian books in 21 languages throughout 14 regions of Sudan.

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Acc. Name: Frontline Fellowship
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