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Volume 2 1987

At the beginning of this century the Christian nations controlled the world. Missionaries were in every country and the world was being conquered for Christ. Brave and bold believers like Hudson Taylor, David Livingstone and C.T. Studd dared to step out in faith, trusting God for the strength to change their world.

Today we have a tragic reversal. THE CHURCH HAS RETREATED FROM VICTORY. The Christian nations have long since abandoned their moral responsibility to bring the light of the Gospel to the heathen nations. Not only have hundreds of lands been handed over to paganism, false religion and atheistic communism, but the West itself has allowed itself to be invaded by heathen ideologies and is in love with godless religions like Humanism and its close relative, Marxism. Now most Christians live under persecution. Over 600-million believers are being persecuted for their faith by Buddhist, Muslim or Communist governments. Most countries forbid conventional Christian missionaries.

The rescue boat must be in the sea — rescuing the perishing. But the sea must not be in the boat. In the same way, the Church must be in the world (yet not of the world), rescuing the lost. But the world has been allowed to flood and sink the Church’s standards.

There are many forces seeking to destroy the Church: Persecution by anti-Christian governments, false gospels and heresies within the Church, sin and temptation and guilt-manipulation. We have allowed our selves to be misinformed, brainwashed and intimidated into feeling guilty for the great achievements of the Church over the past centuries, and to apologise for the mighty acts of those Christians who conquered heathen nations for Christ, converting cannibals, ending inter-tribal genocide, child sacrifices, witchcraft and voodooism. Now we have surrendered to the forces of darkness, entered into negotiations and co-operation with idolators and false religions, “demythologised” the Bible, removed “offensive” Biblical passages from our preaching and lowered our standards to allow the unconverted easy access to the Church.

In the past the Church went out to conquer the world for Christ. Today, in too many churches, Christ is being sold for thirty pieces of silver, and the world is changing the Church.

For decades now the West has been turning away from the God-orientated, Bible-based, Christ-centred foundation of the Reformation which made the West great. Instead, the apostate Western World has now been turning to the man-centred humanism/socialism of the Renaissance/Enlightenment which has always inevitably led to the extremes of permissiveness or totalitarianism as seen in the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution.

The results of this apostacy is plain to see in the abortions, pornography and perversion of the West and in the massacres and concentration camps of the East. The result of abandoning God’s eternal standards as revealed in the Bible is families that fail to nurture, governments that fail to punish the guilty and provide security for the law-abiding, schools that fail to educate and churches that fail to represent Christ — preferring politics to prayer and sociology to salvation.

We are living in an age of guilt-manipulation where the Church is being prepared for slavery by the abuse of Scripture and by the manipulation of our emotions. The key phrases in this campaign are; love, unity, equality, reconciliation and peace. Nice words. Noble sentiments. However, the slogan of the French Revolution was “Liberty! Equality! Brotherhood!” And we all know how that ended! 40 000 heads rolled as the guillotine went into overtime and Europe was plunged into 25 years of war.

In the same way we must beware of the politics of guilt and pity which seek to manipulate our emotions and make us the willing tools of evil men who know how to disguise their intentions. By observation I have noted that the clichés used in this revolution have hidden meanings. For example: LOVE means passive acceptance of evil; UNITY is conformity; EQUALITY you find in the slave camps of the Soviets; by RECONCILIATION is normally meant surrender. (Why should we disagree, argue and fight. Be reasonable. Give in to my way and we’ll be reconciled); and the PEACE aimed for all too often is the peace of the graveyard — like I’ve seen in the killing fields of Northern Mozambique.

What is the solution? What can we do? Firstly, we need to study the Scriptures to learn the objective truth. The Word of God must be the judge and solid foundation of our actions. This is where the Reformation started. Until we know the Word of God we can be easily misled. Secondly, we must warn our people of the dangers of Humanism, Marxism, immorality, false religion and guilt-manipulation. We must wake up to what is happening around us and expose the tactics of the enemy. Thirdly, we must realise that truth is not determined by majority opinion but by the Word of God. We must not confuse change with advance. We must refuse to be guilt-manipulated. Refuse to apologise for the alleged sins of others.

Fourthly, we need to encourage our people and direct them to action and victory. We must restore patriotism (which is as positive as love for one’s family — only expanded to include our neighbours), impart a vision (“without a vision a people perish”), instil courage and hope for the future, building up our faith in God.

People overcome by fear and guilt are unable to fight. Guilt-manipulation programmes us for defeat and makes us ripe for conquest. Let us turn to God through Jesus Christ and find forgiveness, freedom and strength through repentance and faith.

“The Lord alone is God; God alone is our defence. He is the God who makes me strong.” Psalm 18:31,32

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