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 Volume 2 1989

Our evangelistic outreach was in response to the urgency of the situation, as SWA/Namibia geared up for United Nations military occupation, the return of SWAPO terrorists, exiles and refugees, and UN-supervised elections. Throughout that vast land we found much fear and uncertainty about the future. Some were optimistic and full of faith for what lay ahead. Most were overcome with a sense of helplessness and stunned despair. Many compared the situation in South West Africa (with UN Resolution 435) in 1989, with that of Zimbabwe! Rhodesia (with the Lanchester House Agreement) in 1979.

Our mission was to bring a Biblical message of hope by preaching against sin, teaching on revival and challenging all to humble repentance, trusting prayer and obedient action.

The nine members of our teams travelled many thousands of kilometres to Mariental, Keetmanshoop, Gobabis, Okahandja, Otjiwarongo, Grootfontein, Tsumeb, Oshivelo, Ondangua, Oshi kati, Ruaccana, Etale, Eenhana, Ombalantu, Hurricane, Rundu, Buffalo, Katima Mulilo, Wenela and many other parts of South West.

Before we began our SWA campaign, we had several all-night prayer chains and two weeks of intensive training to spiritually prepare for the outreach. And throughout our month of meetings we experienced God’s gracious answers to the faithful prayers of those intercessors who provided our “air cover”.

Our three Frontline teams reached over 15 000 people with an uncompromising message of repentance from sin and faith in Christ. In addition, five of our members had evangelistic testimonies or messages recorded on TV by Media for Christ. And two of us recorded church services and an interview on SWABC, the national radio station.

We also specially reprinted 40 000 Gospel tracts and Frontline newsletters for distribution in SWA/Nambia. At every meeting and also in the military bases, churches, streets and homes, we distributed the printed message, as seed sown in the faith that God will accomplish His eternal will through each page.

“So also will be my Word — it will not fail to do what I plan for it. It will accomplish everything I send it to do.” Isaiah 55:11

Each of our teams were also equipped with Christian videos so that after preaching during the day, we would screen Christian films like the “Jesus” film at night as a follow-on to the spoken message. We were further able to deliver several boxes of good Christian books to coffee bars for their libraries.

Once in the “operational area”, we travelled in amoured cars as a protection against landmines. Many times we preached in the pouring rain to troops in the open veld or huddled under large Baobab trees. Sometimes we camped out in temporary bases with soldiers in the field — eating out of the famous ration packs (or “rats”, as they’re affectionately known).

Aside from challenging everyone to get into a right relationship with God, we also challenged the Christians to regular prayer for the country and action to confront the UN military force (UNTAG), drawn from 21 nations, and returning SWAPO “refugees” with the Gospel of Christ. Instead of bemoaning the present situation, we who are believers should siege this unique missionary opportunity to evangelise so many different people from so many foreign lands.

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