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Volume 2 1989

“Do you read Portuguese?” I asked the Angolan (FAPLA) soldier. “Yes,” he responded with interest, and holding the Soviet RPD machine gun in one hand, he reached out to take the Gospel booklet from me. “What is this about?” He suddenly looked confused.

“It’s about God,” I answered.

The communist soldier’s eyes widened in fear and surprise. “God? I want nothing to do with it.” He threw the booklet back at me.

“If you reject God,” I warned, “you’ll go straight to eternal judgment in hell.”

“I know it,” the Marxist soldier agreed readily, “but if I take that book the commissar will kill me.” He indicated with his machine gun to emphasise the point.

“You must fear Almighty God more than the commissar,” I challenged him as we regretfully walked on.

Another soldier told me that before they were deployed near the South West African border, all the (communist) FAPLA soldiers were specifically warned not to accept any Gospel literature from the South Africans. “If anyone is found with Christian propaganda he will be shot,” declared the commissar.

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