Babies in the Mine Fields PDF Print E-mail


Volume 3 1987

Testimony of Felicia Kassinda: In June 1987, at the CHESAKELA village in HUAMBO province, the Cubans and FAPLA soldiers came and placed land-mines all around the village then at midnight they came in and forced the people to give their young — even 12 and 13-year-old children — for the communist army. Many people started to run, and mothers with children in their arms and with babies on their backs were blown up. The Cubans are involved in many atrocities and violations of our women. There are many mixed-race children as a result. The Cubans also come into our villages, often during church services, and take away our children for study in Cuba. There they turn them into Marxists and atheists, and teach them to hate their language and people and to reject their culture and to hate God. They make our children into mercenaries for the Soviets.

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