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Volume 3 1987

“The Cuban soldiers came and locked people into huts — burned them alive, others—their arms and legs were cut off. They ripped away my baby out of my arms and swinging her by the legs smashed her head against a tree. . .I was pushed into a lorry with other women. Later I was raped by ten Cubans. Those who resisted were stabbed by bayonets.”

Severina Chilombo is one of many mutilated women victims of Marxism in Angola, who now live in ‘the village of the living dead’ in Southern Angola.

“The Cubans took my son who was 12 years old —they shipped him to Cuba. I tried to stop them but a Cuban cut off my arm with a bayonet. Madalena Ngueve

“When the Communists came, all the older men were killed, the boys were taken to the army, the young women to prison. The pre gnant were cut open with bayonets.” Veronica Kahali

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