Thank you for your letter expressing concern over The Bombing of Cities article.

This article is part of a series of lectures prepared for the Reformation Society.

Obviously, no one article/lecture can present the whole story. Each has to focus on a narrow aspect of the greater picture. However, taken as a whole these Reformation Society lectures are seeking to understand the world war of worldviews which is raging in our world today.

You may be interested in the attached article: The Causes, Consequences and Catastrophe of the First World War . Our concern has been to learn how the 19 th century, the greatest century of Missionary advance, was followed by the greatest century of persecution in the 20 th century. How Christian nations were manipulated to fight one another in the First and Second World Wars needs to be explored.

My father served as a soldier in the British Army for the whole six years of WWII. He served in the 8 th Army in North Africa. My brother fought in the Rhodesian Army, I in the South African Army. We are not liberals, nor pacifists. I am a conservative, Bible-believing Evangelical Christian and my greatest concern is the fulfilment of the Great Commission.

As I studied The Bombing of Cities in WW II, I became aware that most of this information is unknown.

One of our Board members, General Ben Partin of the US Air Force, conducted a major study on the aerial bombardment of Germany. He calculated that the conventional bombs dropped on Germany were equivalent to 50 atom bombs of the Hiroshima type, in terms of the destructive power and death toll.

It was as he studied the tremendous waste of strategic resources, that he became convinced that not only was the bombing of cities unethical, but also counterproductive. He came to be convinced that the bombing of cities did not shorten the war, but actually extended it by diverting military resources that should have been used against military targets. The destruction of the historic cities of Germany and the killing of over 2 million civilians in the Strategic Bombing Campaign was without a doubt a war crime.

It is also a fact recognised by all historians that there were no death camps in the areas of Germany occupied by Allied troops. The only death camps claimed were in the Soviet zone, actually in Poland. The concentration camps in Germany were labour camps and the Holocaust Museum in Tel Aviv acknowledges that there were no gas chambers in these camps in Germany.

It was established in court that the so-called gas chamber in Dachau was constructed by the Americans after the liberation, to show to the tourists. This later had to be dismantled by court order. There were brutal labour camps, and Dachau was one of those, but the point made was that there were no gas chambers in Dachau.

I would encourage you to go onto our slide share and view pictures on the PowerPoint on The Bombing of Cities in WWII, to see the destruction of the railways, roads, harbours, bridges, the entire transport infrastructure of Germany. People were starving in the camps, not because of policy, but because of the complete breakdown of the entire transportation network as a result of the Bombing Campaigns. Starving labourers are not much use to anyone.

As you will see from the photographs on this PowerPoint, most of the prisoners liberated were not skeletal, nor starving.

I can take you to many of our museums and concentration camp sites in South Africa where photographs are on display of even more skeletal inmates of British concentration camps during the Anglo Boer War of 1899 – 1902. Tens-of-thousands of Afrikaans women and children died in these concentration camps. Not because that was the policy of the British government, but the consequences of overcrowding, inadequate hygiene provided, disease and starvation. This took place in a country controlled by the British Army without any aerial bombardments to destroy the infrastructure.

As a missionary and an historian, I regard WWI and WWII as the greatest tragedies in Western civilisation. Europe went from being a Christian continent with over 65% of the total population attending church in 1914, to where today, barely 4% of the total population are church attenders.

In the 19th century most of all the missionaries worldwide came from Europe. Today Europe is a mission field. The secularisation of Europe is a phenomenon that we need to study and understand. The only real beneficiary of the First and Second World Wars were the Soviet Communists who benefited from all the courage and sacrifices of Western Europeans.

There is no doubt that lies have been told, colossal lies, by all sides in these conflicts. The victors version of warfare often consists of war time propaganda turned into school textbooks and Hollywood films. The involvement of the Freemasons and other anti-Christian elements war mongering and profiting from these wars, are well documented. I have pictures in my slide presentation of piles of German civilians heaped up in the city square after Allied aerial bombardments which were described as Jewish victims of German concentration camps in Life Magazine. You may be interested in seeing the PowerPoint on Propaganda, which is also accessible on our slide share account.

My concern in all of this is that we are continually reminded in Scripture to beware of being deceived. There is a great need for discernment. Satan is plainly deceiving the nations. History tells us what has worked and what has not worked. We need to develop the ability to recognise these lessons in every area of life. Alexander Solzhenitsyn warned us: “If we don’t know our own history, we will simply have to endure all the same mistakes, sacrifices and absurdities all over again.”

“Now these things occurred as examples, to keep us from setting our hearts on evil things…” 1 Corinthians 10:6

May the Lord continue to be your strength and shield.

Yours for Faith and freedom

Dr. Peter Hammond


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