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Volume 1 1989

In the Soviet Union in 1989 where

  • 5-Million political and religious prisoners incarcerated in concentration camps, prisons and psychiatric prisons. - “Moscow Helsinki Group”, Professor Yuri Orlov

  • 1 976 labour/concentration camps

  • 273 prisons

  • 85 psychiatric prisons

  • 41 death camps
    “The First Guidebook to the USSR, to Prisons and Concentration Camps of the Soviet Union"

Between 1918 and 1953 (under Lenin and Stalin), 50-million Russians served long sentences, many perishing, in the Soviet concentration camps. “The Gulag Archipelago", Alexander Solzenitsyn

By comparison with Russia under Tsarist rule, where the highest figure of POLITICAL PRISONERS was 183 949, the communists have imprisoned 70-times as many people at any one time.

Similarly, there have been 50-times as many EXECUTIONS under communist rule in Russia as occurred under Tsarist rule in the same time period.

“If we intend to build Communism seriously in Western Europe, we will have to send half the population to Siberia.”
Red Army General Klykov (“The Terror Machine”, Klimov)

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