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Volume 5 1989

There have been a series of remarkable incidents recorded of God judging the persecutors of the Church in Eastern Europe:

A communist official ordered a certain pastor to be arrested. The next day the official died of a heart attack.

Another communist party official ordered that all the Bibles in his district were to be collected and pulped, to be turned into toilet paper. This blasphemous project was in fact carried out. But the next day when the official was medically examined, he was informed that he had terminal cancer. He died shortly afterwards.

On another occasion, a communist official who had ordered a Baptist church to be demolished by bulldozers died in a car crash the very next day.

When an order was given to dismantle a place of worship on the mountainside in a forest, the workmen flatly refused to carry out the order. At gunpoint a group of conscripted gypsies also refused to touch the church. In desperation, the communist police forced prisoners at bayonet-point to dismantle the structure. Yet the officer in charge pleaded with the local Christians to pray for him, that God would not judge him. He emphasised that he had nothing against Christians and was only obeying strict orders. He ensured that everything was carefully dismantled without damage, and numbered so as to enable the Christians to rebuild the church again after he had carried out his orders. The building was in fact reconstructed later, and again used for worship.

"They were all seized with fear and the Name of the Lord Jesus was held in high honour ... In this way the Word of the Lord spread widely and grew in power.” Acts 19:17,20

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