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By God’s grace, Lenora is off the IV drip and back home from hospital. We are very much grateful for your earnest prayers and for the many messages of encouragement. Thank you so very much for all your concern and intercession. It has been greatly needed. 

While Lenora is out of serious danger now, and has begun the long road to recovery, the doctor informs us that for a couple of days things were critical, and her life was in the balance.

Lenora is still in some pain, she’s still very weak, and her skin and eyes are still very yellow. But Lenora is very glad to be home, even though she is not able to do many of the things she would like to.

Despite strict instructions from the doctor not to engage in any physical work, within a day of returning, Lenora was out working in the garden and baking a cake for participants of the course. This was too much for her body and she suffered quite a relapse as a result.

The doctors inform us that it will be six weeks before Lenora begins to feel better, and recovery will take several months. The prospect of being laid low for so long and effectively incapacitated, is so overwhelming to Lenora that she is quite discouraged.

There are all kinds of side-effects to the medication and inflammation of the liver caused by Hepatitis A, with the initial complication of conflicting medicine, including severe itchiness. However, Lenora has started to eat some food. She is very thin and frequently feels nauseous.

This morning Lenora returned to the hospital for a check-up and more blood tests. The doctor continues to stress the need for complete rest. This seems impossible for Lenora, but the children and I are doing the best to fill the gap and take duties off her plate.

All of this has taken place during our three-week Great Commission Course, which ended yesterday. Participants came from all over the world, and the programme was very intensive, starting from early morning PT two hours before sunrise, including lectures most mornings, practicals and outreaches every afternoon, lots of services and frequently late night hikes. Our older children have normally joined in on parts of previous GCC’s. This time its was necessary for all the children to take part in most of it. With Mom in hospital, Andrea, Daniela, Christopher and Calvin joined in with devotions, Bible drill, lectures and presentations, visits to the Castle, the Huguenot Monuments and Museum, soccer evangelism in Khayelitsha, and even the late night hikes up Lion’s Head and across Table Mountain. This was the third time that nine-year old Christopher has completed the Table Mountain hike. It was the first time for six-year old Calvin. Everyone was most impressed with his enthusiasm and energy as Calvin strode up the mountain and completed the 8-hour mountain climb before midnight.

Our children have also taken part in the literature distribution and personal evangelism outreaches on the streets and at railway stations. I’m very grateful that our staff and the GCC participants accepted my children as part of the team. My fourteen-year old daughter, Andrea, even joined in on one of the tough midnight endurance hikes in the dark, upstream, in a mountain river through the forest and even through flowing water in a pitch dark drainpipe. With all the constant activity and intensive programme of the Great Commission Course, our children have been kept productively employed, and they are all a lot fitter by now.

Numerous of our friends have asked for specific guidelines for prayer:

Firstly, please do pray for our protection. We do recognise this as part of the spiritual warfare which we as Christians are called to go through. Each of the leaders of Frontline Fellowship have suffered serious illness and injuries either during or just before this Great Commission Course. Please do pray for full health and protection for each of our people.

Just yesterday I received a death threat by fax. The letter stated that because of my Frontline Fellowship News article on “The End of Islam”, I “should be eliminated from the face of this earth…you are worthy of death, not by stoning, but to be cut up piece by piece and your remains given to dogs and hyenas…” The letter includes vile insults, crude swear words, threatens “retribution” for having insulted the “two billion adherents to this mighty and great religion, the perfect and final religion of the almighty” and “the holy prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)”. The letter threatens that “the Fatwa will definitely come for you.” It concludes with these words: “Go burn in hell. Long live Islam, Amandla Islam”. A Fatwa is a binding legal decree of Islamic Jihad.

This is not the first death threat I’ve received from Muslim extremists. The official government of Sudan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, website has posted an article “Why Churches In Sudan Are Not Bombed” which bluntly stated that Peter Hammond should “expect to be bombed” every time he comes to Sudan, he should “expect to be shot on sight”. They even gave the reason: “Because his writings make him an enemy of the state!”

We’ve also had Muslims at the gate of our mission headquarters in Cape Town complaining about my Muslim Evangelism Workshop Manual and demanding to “deal” with me.

It hardly supports the contention of those who say that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance.

Assisting persecuted churches, exposing the atrocities of Marxist and Muslim regimes, does bring with it such threats. But we need to fear God not man.

Please also do pray for our children, that we will be able to maintain their home schooling studies and many extra mural activities while Lenora is recovering.

Please do pray for the protection of our time. Being involved in such a public ministry, means that there are many demands on our time, and family devotions, home schooling and other priorities can be easily encroached upon.

Please do pray for a full and complete recovery to health and strength for Lenora. And for grace and patience as she recovers.

Please do also pray that we will be able to respond to the many wonderful ministry opportunities which are being presented to us almost daily. We have just launched a Reformation Society. There is a great need and interest in our William Carey Bible Institute correspondence programme. I also have many more invitations for ministry than there are days in the year to respond to. Please do pray for much wisdom and discernment in balancing writing ministry, preaching ministry, leadership training programmes, along with other mission responsibilities and family priorities.

We are also very grateful for your love, support and prayer. May the Lord continue to be your joy and strength.

Yours for the fulfilment of the Great Commission

Dr. Peter Hammond

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