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Three powerful documentaries on Christian courage under Islamic persecution in Sudan are now available on one DVD. For the first time, Frontline Fellowship can offer these classic Sudan films in DVD format:

Sudan: The Hidden Holocaust. This video documentary by Jeremiah Films is the best introduction to the longest war in the largest country in Africa, the oldest community of Christians in Africa who were suffering some of the worst persecution in the world. This landmark film exposes the resurgence of the Islamic slave trade and the cruel oppression of the National Islamic Front government of Sudan, as well as the resilience of the dynamic Christians of Southern Sudan who stood firm under relentless persecution. (55 minutes)

Terrorism and Persecution – Understanding Islamic Jihad. Starting with the shocking and most incredible footage on the September 11th 2001 terrorist attacks in America. This video courageously exposes the ideology and issues behind the attacks. It also takes you to the colossal conflict in Southern Sudan and behind enemy lines to the Nuba Mountains showing how tenacious Christians there have steadfastly been resisting the same Islamic Jihad for decades. This film includes footage on the scorched earth and terror bombing campaigns of the National Islamic Front government of Sudan. (55 minutes)

Three Days in Sudan. This video documentary is a unique film that takes you into the frontline of the longest war of the 20th Century, including footage of the bombing of the hospital and cathedral in Lui and of a Frontline Fellowship mission team preaching at the battlefront. Produced by a secular war correspondent who had been tasked to do “a hatchet job on Peter Hammond”, the film maker produced a surprisingly positive documentary after enduring an artillery bombardment at a Frontline church service. (22 minutes)

The conflict in Sudan was described as Africa’s forgotten war – the longest war of the 20th Century. From 1955 through to 2005, the Muslim Arab North attacked the Christian Black South. These classic films on the Sudan war were filmed at the frontline and behind enemy lines. They document the systematic, terror bombing campaigns of civilian centres, including hospitals, schools and churches.

Sudan: The Hidden Holocaust was based on Frontline Fellowship’s best selling book: “Faith Under Fire in Sudan” It was carefully crafted from over a hundred hours of video and film footage. It takes you into the frontlines and behind enemy lines of the colossal conflict, which cost over 2 million lives.

Shocking, invaluable and inspiring, these informative videos expose the resurgence of the slave trade and the international terrorism of the radical Islamic government of Sudan, unveils the vicious scorched earth campaign and the abuse of relief aid by the UN. It also presents the inspiring story of courageous Christians standing firm – an island of Christianity in a sea of Islam – resisting Islamic Jihad on the very frontline of the battle for Faith and Freedom.

In these three films you will meet the persecutors and hear their plans for world conquest; see some of the results of the National Islamic Front government’s campaign of terror – not only in Sudan – but internationally as well; hear the incredible testimonies of resilient Christian courage in the face of relentless Islamic persecution; and learn how the United Nations prolonged the war by supporting the forced relocations and “peace camp” policies of the radical NIF government in Sudan. You will also see the forced conversions, mutilations and murders in the Muslim North, and the tenacious Christians fighting for survival in Southern Sudan and the Nuba Mountains.

You will find these incredible films invaluable in informing, inspiring and involving your friends, family and congregation in standing firm for faith and freedom.

Each of these films are available separately in VHS format at $15 each, or together on one DVD for just $20. The proceeds from these sales will go towards Frontline mission work in Sudan:

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