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Your critical feedback on The Bombing of Cities article is greatly appreciated and most interesting.

Yes, of course this article only focused on one aspect of the large and complex World War II.

All bombing of cities is to be condemned as terrorism, and as a war crime, in my mind.

That would include the Luftwaffe bombing Warsaw and Rotterdam, the French bombings of Germany and the German bombings of London and Coventry.

The point being made was not that other countries had not undertaken aerial bombardments, but the sheer scope and colossal death toll of the British and US Strategic Bombing Campaign in destroying 63 German cities and killing over 2 million civilians.

One of my good friends, and one of our Mission’s Board members, General Ben Partin of the US Air Force, undertook a thorough study of the Strategic Bombing Campaign against Germany in WWII.

He concluded that the destructive power unleashed, and death toll incurred, in Germany was the equivalent of 50 atoms bombs of the Hiroshima type.

General Ben Partin became the pioneer of precision guided weapons primarily to avoid the colossal collateral damage which he was convinced was not only unethical, but counterproductive.

The considered opinion of this weapons expert was that the Strategic Saturation Bombing Campaign against Germany not only failed to shorten the end of the war, but actually delayed its conclusion by wasting and diverting strategic military resources away from military targets.

The British Fighter Defences were quite inadequate at the beginning of the Battle of Britain, despite the development of the Spitfire, just in time. The numbers of pilots available were wholly inadequate because Bomber Command absorbed over 90% of all the military resources and Fighter Command was frankly neglected.

I do not believe that you can maintain that the primary objectives in American and British bombing of cities were military and that the civilian casualties were collateral damage. Studying the documents and the official history of the USAAF and RAF, make it clear that Terror Bombing of civilian centres was the intended target. They chose cities because they could not miss and the goal was to kill as many Germans as possible. Their own propaganda at the time revelled in reporting the bombing of cities for their own sake.

Please see the attached article: The Causes, Consequences and Catastrophe of the Frist World War. You can see my concern is how the greatest century of Missions was ended by the First World War which ushered in the greatest century of Persecution. Communism has proved to be the greatest killer in all of history. More Christians have been martyred in the 20 th century in all previous 19 centuries combined.

None of this would have been possible without the cataclysm of Christian Europe being manipulated to destroy one another. Europe went from being a majority church-going continent, to being a continent where barely 4% of the total population attend church at all. Europe today has become a mission field.

Our concern is to learn from all of this and to work for Biblical Reformation and pray for Spiritual Revival in our lifetimes.

May the Lord continue to bless, guide and strengthen you.

Yours for the fulfilment of the Great Commission

Dr. Peter Hammond




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