Thank you for your letters in response to my article on the Spanish Inquisition. You should realise that we are a Protestant and Evangelical mission. We do seek to be sensitive and thoughtful, and you will note that we have tried to be respectful, objective and factual in the articles.

The purpose of these particular articles have been to respond to common criticisms which Christians encounter when seeking to witness for the Faith. An enormous amount of people bring up the Spanish Inquisition, although obviously they are generally not aware of the actual facts of the matter.

You cannot compare the centuries of intense persecutions by Catholic authorities of Protestants and other dissenters, such as the Waldensians, Albigensians, Hussites, Lollards, the St. Bartholemew’s Day massacre, the ex-communication and condemning to death of the entire nation of Holland and the vicious war raged against the Dutch, etc. with anything that has ever been perpetrated by Protestants.

For you to confuse the Europe wide reaction, by both Catholics and Protestants, to the Peasants Revolt, which was a violent communist style revolution and suddenly to depict that as Protestants persecuting Protestants “Anabaptists by Lutherans” is outrageous. Vastly more Anabaptist Revolutionaries were killed in Austria by the Catholic authorities than by the Protestant princes in Germany. We would not accept the Anabaptists as Protestants at any rate.

Nor were they persecuted for being Anabaptist, but dealt with by the political authorities for insurrection, sedition and violent revolution.

The execution of Sir Thomas More was at the hands of King Henry VIII of England who never embraced the Protestant faith. The pope awarded Henry VIII “Defender of the Faith” for his attack on Martin Luther and the Reformation. Thomas More was executed by the Catholic King Henry VIII for refusing to endorse his divorce and remarriage. Many Protestants suffered and were executed under the reign of Henry VIII, including Anne Askew and William Tyndale. You cannot fairly call the reign of Henry VIII a Protestant reign. The Anglican Church was truly founded under King Edward VI and entrenched under the reign of Elizabeth I during which the 39 Articles, which are the foundation of Anglicanism, were written.

I do not know where you can come out with such an outrageous statement that the Protestants were guilty of “completely random victims predominantly by Protestants (e.g. the witch killings in Protestant Europe and America)”! You think that the trials of witches were only done by Protestants?! And that these were completely random?! Without any regard to crimes committed by satanist such as human sacrifices?

Are you saying that witch killings were predominantly done by Protestants? You cannot possible be so ignorant of history. You even yourself mention Joan of Arc, who was burned as a witch by the Catholic church, and later declared a saint by the same church!

The Bible was most certainly placed on the Index of Forbidden Books in the 13 th century. You cannot suddenly suggest that the Index of Forbidden Books was only introduced in 1550! Bible Translations were condemned to death long before that arbitrary date.

We are quite aware that there was a Counter Reformation and much propaganda has been generated as damage control. However, we are not sifting through Roman Catholic magazines requiring you to conform your articles to Protestant doctrines. You are welcome to challenge matters of fact, and we would appreciate documentations to support your assertions. However, you must know that we have volumes of documentation on Catholic atrocities and heresies and should you want us to remind you of them, we will gladly do so.

May I ask if you have personal assurance of eternal Salvation in Christ?

Have you experienced the New Birth that Jesus spoke of in John 3?

Do you have a vibrant relationship with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, or are you trusting in your own works, or in your church?

May the Lord continue to lead you into all Truth.

Yours for Christ’s Crown and Covenant

Dr. Peter Hammond

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