You asked for a definition of what constitutes terrorism. Clearly terrorism is the killing of innocent civilians through indiscriminate violence. The car bomb in Church Street, Pretoria which killed 19 people and injured hundreds would be one such example. The burning alive of over 1000 people in the townships with the brutal Necklace murder would be another example. The throwing of petrol bombs into the homes of people sleeping. The placing of land mines in roads, limpet mines in shopping centres and railway stations, and attacks on churches such as the St. James Massacre of 25 July 1993 would all be examples of indiscriminate violence directed at non-combatants for the purpose of terrorizing the population as a whole.

The first to present his case always seems right until another comes to cross examine him.

The Bible warns us that there is a way that seems right unto man but the end thereof is the way of death.

It is easy to score a goal when the other team is not on the field to protect their net. The Bible says that God hates the use of unjust weights and measures.

You have oversimplified a most complex country and history. By your generalizations all white Christians are evil racists, but none of the ANC, AZAPU and PAC were guilty of terrorism, but were peaceful people forced to take up “the armed struggle”!

How does machine gunning Christians in a multi-racial congregation such as St. James Church Kenilworth, or necklacing over 1,000 black people in townships equate to an armed struggle?

Soldiers fight in uniform against other soldiers. Terrorists murder unsuspecting, unarmed non-combatant civilians. Soldiers need to be courageous as they face the enemies in battle. Terrorists are cowards who murder defenceless civilians without warning.

You also need to recognise the reality of the Cold War, the threat posed to the whole free world through the Soviet Union and the violent revolutions sponsored by marxists surrogates.

You cannot deny the reality of these things. I was a missionary to Mozambique and Angola and saw the genocidal violence waged by marxist governments against their own people.

Over a million people died of starvation in Mozambique, 75,000 were publically executed, hundreds of thousands incarcerated in concentration camps, hundreds of thousands of others shipped overseas to work as indentured labour/slaves in Cuba’s sugar plantations to pay for Cuban military who are oppressing their country.

More than a million people died in the civil war in Angola, most at the hands of the marxist MPLA government. Over 55,000 Cuban troops were using Angola as a springboard for their war against South Africa. The ANC and PAC were being used by the Soviet Union and it’s Cuban surrogates to advance the agenda of world communism.

Many people who opposed Apartheid were involved in the South African Defence Force in fighting against the very real communist threat and vicious terrorism which was, let’s face it, killing far more black people than white.

I never saw this conflict as a black against white conflict, especially as most of the victims of the communists were black, many of the communists themselves were white, and most of the South African Army and South West African Territorial Force were black. This was the case of black and white together against red.

What is your opinion of Robert Mugabe and his racist policies which amount to the national suicide of Zimbabwe?

When you say that you have never voted for any party that supported abortion, does that mean that you have never voted for the ANC? For it is the ANC which pushed through the legalisation of abortion in this country. Abortion on demand remains a foundational platform of the ANC policy.

Now you are actually guilty of what you accused me of. You are avoiding the main issues raised in my letter. Why don’t you want to deal with the issues and facts raised in the Invictus Film Review?

It is not necessary to presume to know the motives of someone you have never met, nor to make any individual responsible for 300 years of anything. Surely each individual must be responsible for what they have personally done in terms of God’s Ten Commandments in their lifetime?

If you were to die today do you know for sure whether you would go to heaven or not?

If God was to ask you: Why should I let you into my heaven? what would you say?

Where will you spend eternity?

May God mercifully lead you into all Truth.

Yours for Reformation and Revival.

Dr. Peter Hammond


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