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In Mozambique and Angola. Marxist preference has been to burn down the churches. In Zimbabwe the aim is to hijack the pulpits.

An official document from the ruling ZANU party calls for ‘revolutionary theology as an integral part of President Robert Mugabe’s ongoing drive to create a “new order'.

In the new ZANU (PF) publication “SOCIETY AND THE CHURCH”, the Christians are urged to turn to “Marxism for a discovery of their true vision and true vocation”. It states that “those sections of the church that are fearful of Marxism are fearful of people”.

The publication sets out to define the role of the church in revolutionary politics, and urges Zimbabwe’s churches to emulate those churches in Latin America that have adopted Liberation Theology and played a significant role in bringing the Marxist Sandinista régime into power in Nicuragua.

In the publication, the ZANU government declares that it intends using the church as a partner in the implementation of its revolutionary task tecause “they deal with the people at grassroots level.”

The advocates of, a church as servant to an atheist state are forging ahead. In the past year there have been frequent conferences and seminars on “Christian-Marxist dialogue” and “Socialism and Christianity”. Former President, Canaan Banana, has set forth the ZANU view of religion: “Let us destroy individualism”, he has declared. Banana describes himself as “a Marxist — Leninist Christian” and has declared that all Christians in Zimbabwe must be the same.

“I see Marx as full of theology,” said Banana. “The Kingdom of God is Socialism... We should as it were baptise Socialism.”

Meanwhile, the blasphemous “Gospel of the Ghetto”, written by Liberation Theologian, Canaan Banana, is being pushed as the official text book for religious instruction in Zimbabwe schools. In the “Gospel of the Ghetto,” Banana rewrites the Bible thus:

“As for me I am not ashamed of the REVOLUTION, for it is the power of the people unto salvation.” 
(Page 53, CF-Rom 1:16)

“For God so loves the Ghetto that he gives birth to new levels of awareness, that whosoever believes in LIBERATION shall restore the quality of personhood.” 
(Page 22, CF-John 3:16)

And the “Gospel of the Ghetto” contains even worse blasphemy. It teaches that Jesus was born of “a common woman”, that Jesus didn't die for sin, but because he was a political revolutionary. The Ten Commandments, revised by Banana, call us to worship “the living force of emancipation” and makes no mention of God, nor does it forbid adultery, murder, theft nor covetousness. Instead, the Zimbabwe Ten Commandments replace these with commands forbidding capitalism, racialism, free enterprise or private ownership. 
(Pages 68-7, CF-Exodus 20)

The “Gospel of the Ghetto” calls on all Christians to join hands with the “progressive forces” of “revolution and communism”. It further insists that we change our present " spiritual gospel" for a “humanistic ideology 
(P 50, CF-Galatians 1:6-9)

Incredibly, many church leaders are eagerly prostituting themselves in their enthusiastic desire to pervert the Gospel to suit the plans of atheists. Those Christians who are not co-operating are harrassed, beaten up, disappearing, or falling victim to 6th Brigade “pseudo gangs”.

As always, destroying the church by infiltration from within is proving more successful for the communists than overt persecution from the outside. The most deadly enemy of the church is compromise.

“How can right and wrong be partners?
How can light and darkness live together?
And so the Lord says. 
You must leave them and
separate yourselves from them. 
Have nothing to do with what is unclean."
2 Corinthians 6:14, 17

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