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During a recent mission to Zambia, Dr. Peter Hammond, the Director of Frontline Fellowship and Contributing Editor of JOY! Magazine, was invited to meet with the President of Zambia, Levy Mwanawasa, at State House, Lusaka.

Peter had the opportunity of discussing Reformation and Revival issues with the President, including the importance of the Chaplaincy, education, school curriculums, textbooks, teacher training, museums, and the need for more nationwide evangelism, discipleship and repentance. After handing over some key Christian books to the president, Peter read 2 Thessalonians 1 and prayed with the President for Reformation and Revival in Zambia.

By God’s grace, Peter was also able to enjoy fellowship with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, General Ronnie Shikapwashwa and minister in numerous churches, Bible colleges, a Christian school, a Teacher Training College and was interviewed on a number of radio programmes.

Hundreds of pastors, teachers and chaplains as well as numerous government officials attended the Reformation Seminars conducted by Frontline Fellowship in Lusaka and Kabwe.

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