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Dear Friends and Intercessors

We greet you in the precious Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We have reached our half year mark and we confidently say, "Praise ye the Lord. O give thanks unto the Lord; for He is good: for His mercy endureth forever." Psalm.106:1.


We have received a total of 7 container shipments of Christian materials from both Edwin L. Hodges and Eagles Nest Ministries since January 2016. We, at Literature4Africa and Frontline Fellowship, would like to express our gratitude to the teams at Eagles Nest and Edwin L. Hodges for their continuous support by sending us Christian Materials and Bibles. With these materials, we are able to support the needs of many ministries which include chaplains, missions, schools, NGOs, NPOs and churches as well as Evangelists, Sunday School Teachers and Missionaries in South Africa.


Not only are Churches and ministries within the Cape Town region blessed, but all over South Africa and other African Countries, these materials are distributed. Missionaries collect material at Literature4Africa which they distribute around the African States during their mission trips. We have many individuals who struggle with reading and the audio and visual materials are such a blessing to them. Various Higher Educational Institutions and Schools where Bible study groups are formed, collect Christian Books, Bible Study materials and Bibles.


Through the year we can supply Christian materials for events, conferences, seminars, and rallies conducted by organisations. Truly, the Lord is good and His mercy endures forever. We have placed some testimonies and emails of gratitude below, trusting that you will continue to pray for the receiving and distribution of the free Christian materials in Honour and Glory of God.


May His presence rejoice your hearts.


"For the Word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart." Hebrews 4:12



"I collected some Bibles and study material from you. In January I could bless some pastors with Bibles and study material in Gaansbaai. I was later driving back to Johannesburg and stopped at the following towns and also blessed Pastors and Leaders with some Bibles and study material. Merweville, Beaufort West and in Ennerdale. Thanks for helping me with the resources to enable me to reach out. God bless and keep you all at Frontline Fellowship. Blessings",

Richard Jaars



"A very happy and God blessed year for Jonathan and all family and friends. I received my package and am very happy. Will take me some time reading through all of them, but, thank you so much again. The box was absolutely filled up to the cover with tracts.

Be Blessed", Deon



"Thanks so much - I cannot tell you what a blessing L4A is and how grateful I am that God led me to it! Have a blessed day and see you soon!"




"Thank you so much for the free Bibles and Sunday School literature. This is much appreciated. I have been in full time ministry for more than 40 years and know the frustration of not having adequate materials for the Sunday School and youth work and so the work done by Literature4Africa is a great God-send.

Those who have received the Bibles have been overjoyed with this gift.  Prior to our Sunday morning service, I could hand out Bibles to a mother and daughter who had received Christ as Saviour in this past week. Every Wednesday I have an interdenominational Bible Study and prayer meeting in New Horizons and it was with joy that a request for a Study Bible could be met and the pleasure was great when a senior citizen received a large print Bible. Three other persons, not from our prayer group, also received Bibles. I myself was delighted with the Study Bible.  This was the Study Bible I had always wanted.

The rest of the Bibles will be handed out as the need presents itself or when people receive Christ as Saviour in whatever form of evangelism we pursue. Thank you so much for the tracts. This is perfect for street evangelism. Once again, thank you very much,"

Pastor D.K. Smallberg

Living Hope Assembly

Full Gospel Church of God

New Horizons



"Myself and our facility just want to thank you and your organisation for the children education literature that we received. I appreciate the support and advice that you gave me. Hoping that we can engage with you on a regular basis and may the Lord continue bless you with your good work. Please keep our children facility in your prayers and don’t forget to notify us if you have new literature. God Bless and have a blessed day."

Shereen Michaels



"I thought I should give a short report back on the evangelizing material you have given us. We got comments from hospital patients who we have given the In Touch magazine by Dr. Stanley. One lady says she has been so discouraged in the soul but after reading an article about not giving up, she felt so revived. Every week we take these booklets to hospital to give to people. We are certain that even though we don't get to meet again with other patients, they sure have testimonies. Even the Bibles, it feels so awesome after leading someone to salvation and leave them a copy of the Bible. We are so grateful to be doing this, thank you so much guys for enhancing the ministry of God."

D. Muchena



L4A3"I would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for the books we collected last week. My friend told me about the resource material that is free for collection, and my, was I blown away when I arrived there.

We just started a house church and my wife has been home-schooling our kids for the past 7 years, hence the books we got were excellent and just what we need to assist us in our ministry. The books are invaluable; one cannot put a price on what I picked up. I got books on how to build a new church, on how to evangelise your community more effectively, I can go on. A HUGE thank you for being such blessing."

God Bless my brother, Deon Cox



"Dunoon Chapel would like to express our gratitude to Literature4Africa for the gift of these Bibles. Currently the chapel is growing tremendously with more and more children and adults coming. Live The Call."

Franklyn Joseph



"We here at the Evangelical Bible Church in Mitchell’s Plain started with the 1 John and Revelation Explore the Bible series. We are truly blessed with the material and our young people are enjoying and growing in the Word of God. Have a blessed day and I will keep you updated with the developments of our library and studies."

Brian Johnson



"Thank you again for the 72 ESV Bibles you arranged for me. We couriered them to Port Elizabeth and I can confirm that they arrived early last week and were handed out to the youth group.

Lucinda Zaza was our colleague in PE who originally asked for the Bibles, and was overwhelmed by how quickly they arrived and their quality. This is what she had to say when asked why she wanted to give her youth group the Bibles, There’s nothing else I’d rather do, He has done so much for me, He pulled me out of the deepest pits when I didn’t even think I could make it. I’m living proof that He doesn’t abandon His own. I love Him dearly and I’ll die trying to mould these kids into realizing how precious they are to Him as well. Thank you again!"

Michael Vice



"Books were collected from stores on Friday, 27 May 2016, for Training of Church Wardens on 28 May at St Matthew’s in Mfuleni. Church Wardens also have others roles of Lay Ministers and Confirmation Instructors. 77 Participants including Clergy were present. Books were appreciated by all presents. They will use the books for personal Bible Study as well as to empower other Church Leaders and community members. Your continued support is much appreciated."

Rachell Hoogbaard



"We finally had one of the congregants make us shelves for the library which is in my office. Thanks again for the books much appreciated."

Kevin Stemmet

Pastor Evangelical Bible Church Bayview



"Sunday morning we handed the books to the Sunday school and men for Father’s Day. Wow! ‎Were they exited. Thank you."

Bradley Petersen



"On behalf of the Bible College, I would like to thank Literature4Africa for your contribution of 8 ESV Study Bibles and 10 Reformation Study Bibles (KJV). Your support helps us to continue in our missions and assist our student. Thank you again for your support."

Rev. Isaac KIM



"We as the Atlantis EBCOSA are very grateful for the gifts that you and the organisation could have given us. We do appreciate it a lot thank you."

Your brother in Christ

Alfonso Swartz



"It is two months after our Annual Ladies Camp we had at the end of April this year and I am only getting a chance to email you today. The ladies were very excited for their reading material especially the First Choice Bags with the “Weight Loss” information in it. We really appreciate all your effort and contributions that you have given to make our camp a success."

Charlene Skippers



"Greetings in the Wonderful Name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. We would like to extend our sincere appreciation and gratitude for your Donation. Our prayer is that the Lord will always guide you with wisdom and bless you with prosperity."

Pastor & Sis Mostert

Pentecostal Protestant Church Ocean View



"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and behalf of Great Commission Chapel for the material provided. We will make good use of it to further God's Kingdom. God bless you."

Marlon De Wee



"The students at ICBM (International College of Bible and Missions) really appreciate the materials you have blessed us with. Thank you and see you soon, God willing."

Brian Johnson



"Greetings in Jesus Name. Thank you so much sir.

Wow what an awesome blessing going through the material it’s so wonderful. Thanks for support. God Bless."

Susan Moss



"Thank you so very much for your incredible attention in helping me with some ministry material. I was so thrilled to be able to pass this on to a couple of churches in Capricorn for their Sunday school and also for the adults. They were so touched by this and couldn’t believe it! As I mentioned there are a couple of safe homes for human trafficked ladies and the books are absolutely amazing. Thank you very much for all of this. I also had a look at the CD in all languages and that will take a while to go through …also the music is just so fabulous. Thank you for your care and for the time you took to assist me in this endeavour - To give to those who may not be able to afford anything themselves - and I will certainly make time to contact you again and bring some wonderful ‘Saints” in to see what you have.

The Bibles are just incredible. Thank you. I know that they were in short supply. That seems to be the ‘rod’ that so many of the people we minister to don’t have. So we will pray for more and more. The material is great, but the solid Word, to hold and page through is just brilliant.  

Bless you - and once again, thanks so much for the time you took to explain everything today. I think that you have all done a great work and it’s so good to see references to things such as online Bibles and the links to them. Very precious indeed. Wow again! and thank you - we pray for your safety and Proclaim the mighty anointing of our Lord Jesus Christ on all you do and for this material to go out to the corners of the earth and the blessing upon those that receive it all, in His Name. God Bless you and take care. Hope to see you soon."

Jane Jones



"Thanks for the magazines and tracts, I pray that God will continue to bless the Ministry at Literature4Arica. Will keep you in prayer. God bless."

Theresa Oakes



"I told you we are building a library for the church as well for the school of ministry that we running at our church. There we are so thankful to Literature4Africa for your help, most of the books are from you. May The Lord be so gracious to you all as you stand to make the Gospel possible to all. With Thanks."

Pastor Pierre Kalala Oasis Church



"I started with the library at church. Congregants were excited and many (young and older) checked out books. I just had to start with this project, even though we do not have proper book shelves as yet. It has always been my desire to start a library at church and with these donations it has become a reality. Once again thank you to all the sponsors for their generosity. God bless. Yours in his service."

Rev. C.V Adonis

Beacon Valley

Evangelical Bible Church



"It was blessed meeting you and to connect with such a powerful resource Centre. Thanks so much for the wonderful material. I know many lives will be touched by this. May you have a blessed weekend. Shalom."

Pastor Saayman

Hour of Decision Gospel Mission




"This is just to thank you for the ministry that you currently have. What a privilege it is to be useful in the Master's hand. I really appreciated the fact that you show real interest in each and every one you meet in your ministry. Thank you for the warm welcome and I see your heartbeat when you interact and distribute the spiritual literature. Continue with the good work and attitude towards your ministry. Be Blessed."

Pastor Kevin

Evangelical Bible Church - Strandfontein (Bayview)



"Thank you for the books and Bibles we receive from you, it was a great help to those who don't have a Bible, also to enlarge people's knowledge and to grow spiritually. May God bless you in your ministry."

Naomi Panti

Upper room family worship Centre



"I want to thank you for assisting me with study material, I did send some to a church in Tanzania. They use it at a Christian School and did send me a message that it’s really helpful. We are co-labourers in The Kingdom of Jesus Christ. God bless."

Richard Jaars



"Thank you for adding me to your mailing list. What an honour it was to meet you on Friday. Thank you for your assistance and hospitality that you had given me and my husband. It is highly appreciated. The literature we got on Friday has already started to encourage us, our youth and our Sunday school. Thank you."




L4A8"Just like to thank you so much for donating some study Bibles to Joy Bible School recently. I am a student there, so enjoying the course and very glad to have my own good study Bible now."

Nicky Eiserman



"I am from the Moravian Church in Mamre. We want to thank you for the books we received in Feb. 2016. It was much appreciated and was received with great happiness and laughter. You made such a lot of children very happy. May God bless you in the work you do to make people and children very happy and let them feel important. The books were so welcomed, even on the surrounding farms where we do missionary work, we handed out the books and you made it possible, to make those people so very happy. Thanks ever so much until next time. God bless."

Sr. Myrtle Schreuder

Chairperson of Mamre Moravian Sunday school



"Thank you so much for all the literature we are able to collect from the stores, it is a great help to ladies that belong to our Women’s group and it enables them to find healing and be at peace with themselves and also helps with the restoration of families."

Moriedah Dien



"So shall My Word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto Me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it." Isaiah.55:11Jonathan SoekerLiterature4Africa ManagerFrontline Fellowship P.O. Box 74 Newlands 7725 Cape Town South Africa Tel: 021-689-4480 Email:

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