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Unforeseen Ministry Opportunities

Upon starting our Mission Trip it was apparent that everything was in God’s hands. At the border we were stopped by customs and told that all our material (65 boxes of literature and DVDs) that we had planned to give away was to be left at the border until we produced a letter from the appropriate church authorities stating that we were indeed going to give it all away. The border guards thought we were going to sell it!

We returned the next day with the letter and got our material back, only to find out that the border agents were Christians and held a Bible study every day at lunch time. We were able to encourage them and give them literature and exchange contact details for further encouragement at a later stage; they are now called Border Fellowship.
En route to Loziland we came across an old woman who was being pushed in a wheel barrow to the local clinic. We were able to put her in the vehicle and drive her there.

Least Reached Lozi and Luvale Tribes

In Zambia’s Western Province (Lukulu West) are least reached peoples groups; predominately Lozi and Luvale speaking. None of the roads or villages were mapped and none of the local pastors in Lukulu East could tell us what the spiritual state of the people there was. All we knew about them was that they were supposed to be primitive and the assumption was that the Gospel had not yet reached them. Our aim was to spend two weeks surveying the land, mapping the villages, documenting their lifestyle, and ultimately spreading the Good News of Salvation through Jesus Christ.

Our team consisted of seven people, two of which were interpreters, traveling in two 4 wheel drive vehicles. Upon arrival our team crossed the Zambezi River on a pontoon into the unknown, where we would spend the next days working our way up to the Angolan border. With only a GPS we followed ox cart trails in low range 4x4 marking out where the villages were along the way. At the Angolan border we turned around and came back to minister to the tribes that we had marked out on our GPS.


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