Pray for Christopher
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Chris1The year 1995 was a tumultuous year. I was expecting our third child, and it was during a routine scan that we discovered Christopher had renal complications. I was 27 weeks pregnant, it was a wet and rainy winter, and the house we were renting was put on the market. Amidst the people traipsing in and out of our home, trying to keep two little girls out of their way, and all the while weathering the concerns of baby Christopher's future made for a difficult winter.

Chris2At 36 weeks gestation, Christopher had no more amniotic fluid left and was delivered via C-section. He weighed in at 2.68 kg's and announced with a healthy set of lungs that he had arrived and was here to stay. Our Pediatrician however, informed us that his renal failure was severe and that we should prepare ourselves for the possibility of our new-born son not surviving. The Doctors knew that posterior urethral valves had caused the complications and decided, on day 5 to perform the surgery necessary to alleviate the pressure on his already distended bladder. Bilateral ureterostomies were performed. Peter wrote to our intercessors, and many prayers went out on Christopher's behalf. God heard our petitions and one of Christopher's kidneys recovered some function. After a total of three weeks in ICU, we were allowed to bring him home, and a new journey of caring for a child with compromised health began.

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