Reforming Our Families

Reforming Our Families


The family is the basic building block of society. The battle for the family is in the very frontline of the World War of Worldviews.



This powerful resource for families is packed with positive and practical insights and strategies that fathers and mothers can use to raise God-fearing children. 



This 128-page book includes 24 beautiful and inspiring pictures. The Foreword is by Home School Legal Defence Association Senior Counsel Christopher Klicka and the Introduction is written by Rev. Kjell Olsen, a Co-worker of KwaSizabantu Mission.


Teaching That Transforms

Chapters include: Raising God-fearing Children; What Shapes a Family?; Discipline; Modesty; Bullying - A Biblical Perspective; Responsible Education; Why Boys Fight and Compete; Why Wooden Swords and Plastic Guns Are Essential For Boys; Hospitality; The Lord's Day; Videos, Games and TV; Minds, Morals and Movies; Reforming Music; Teenagers - Respite or Rebellion?; and A Heart for God - The Greatest Gift.


Refreshing Perspectives

Appendixes deal with A Critique of Modern Youth Ministries by Christopher Schlecht; Teen Church: Beneficial or Destructive? by Annamarie Bettisworth; A Teenager Looks at Modesty by Andrea Hammond; and True Love Waits by Jerusha Olsen.


Reforming Our Families also includes useful addresses and websites and other recommended books.


Reforming Our Families is a compendium including contributions from 8 different authors from a wide variety of backgrounds. Contributors include two young home schooled teenagers, one from America and the other from Africa; and parents from both sides of the Atlantic.


The primary author is Lenora Hammond, a home schooling mother of two daughters and two sons. As the daughter of pioneer missionaries, Lenora was born in England and raised in Austria. She undertook her teacher's training in the USA and Bible training in England, worked at a Bible college in Austria and served as a Junior High minister at a large community church in Arizona, before joining Frontline Fellowship in South Africa.


Any parents will benefit from the practical insights and be blessed by the inspiring examples presented in Reforming Our Families.


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