Bibles for the Unreached in the Nuba Mountains Print


By God's grace, Frontline Fellowship's Sudan team leader, Tim, has safely returned from another mission trip to Sudan. He succeeded in delivering and distributing to desperately needy Christians in the Nuba Mountains over 1000 Bibles, Hymn books and catechisms in local Nuba languages, multiple sets of audiovisual evangelistic equipment, educational materials and relief aid.

Most of the Bibles were in the Krongo language. Not long ago, the Krongo were listed as an unreached peoples group. By God's grace, a high percentage of the Krongo are now confessing Christians and members of evangelical churches.

Frontline Fellowship has been supplying Gospel literature, Hymn books, catechisms and Bibles in Krongo since 1999.

Tim also managed to conduct a Muslim Evangelism Workshop and train evangelists in the new audiovisual equipment. Some of our evangelists in the Nuba Mountains brought back well-worn tape recorders and testimonies of many thousands that they have managed to evangelise and disciple with this equipment in our absence.

One evangelist, who was entrusted with the 16mm Jesus film equipment, screened the Jesus film in Arabic to over 29 000 people before the machine broke down. The 16mm projector has now been repaired and will go in on a future trip again.

Heavy rains and other complications delayed Tim's exit from the Nuba Mountains. By God's grace, even this delay was used by the Lord for good, as it led to him meeting the governor of the Nuba Mountains. At one point he was stranded at an airstrip for two days.

On one occasion, Tim reported having to kill seven scorpions before going to bed.

On another occasion, after been stranded for some time, Tim sought to hitchhike a lift on a UN aircraft, but when they discovered that he was a Christian missionary, they refused to give him a lift out.

On returning, Tim learnt that there had been three aircraft crashes in the area in the previous three months.

Tim also managed to conduct a Biblical Worldview Seminar for Sudanese leaders in Nairobi.


In the last three months, the Director of Frontline Fellowship, Dr. Peter Hammond, has made three ministry trips to Zambia, Nigeria and the USA (this included conducting a total of 130 meetings on these trips).

Since returning to Cape Town, Peter has also taken part in conducting a Biblical Worldview Seminar for town councillors in Cape Town, a special Ascension Day service and a Frontline Fellowship Missions Rally, where so many Boxes with Love for Zimbabwe were brought, that we had to have another driver help us transport them back to Cape Town. Peter also took part in a national radio talk show debate (the Tim Modise show) and he is now completing a new book: Biblical Principles for Africa which should go to print next week.

He is also working on major revisions and expansions of our Reformation Conference Manual, Biblical Worldview Manual, Muslim Evangelism Workshop Manual and Great Commission Manual.

Rev. David Fraser, Jan van Straaten and Bruce Barrow are also returning from Zambia at this time. They report a most successful time of ministry, including much hard physical labour - developing the mission station, evangelistic outreaches in the community, teaching in the schools and lectures and mid-year exams for Covenant Bible College.

Charl van Wyk has returned from a ministry trip to the USA and our Communications Director, Johan and his wife Walda, are rejoicing over the birth of their third child, Kinah - a girl yesterday morning!


In two weeks time, we will be starting our Great Commission Course. Participants have registered from as far afield as Canada, USA, Nigeria and Zambia. Daily outreaches are planned during this hands-on, practical missions training course.

Please do continue to pray for the evangelists and teachers that we have been training and equipping in Mozambique, Nigeria, Sudan, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Please do pray for all those who will be travelling to participate in our Great Commission Course in Cape Town.

"Give thanks to the Lord, call on His Name; make known among the nations what He has done. Sing to Him, sing praise to Him; tell of all His wonderful acts." 1 Chronicles 16:8-9