Mission Base Looted, Churches Bombed Print


SUDAN UPDATE 28 June 2002

The Frontline Fellowship mission base in Sudan has been ransacked by soldiers, with much damage being done and many items stolen. No FF missionaries were at the base at the time but reportedly the damage is extensive. The Bishop Gwynne College, which Frontline Fellowship renovated, has been attacked and looted twice before, by Government of Sudan Arab soldiers in 1965, and also in 1987. In 2000 and 2001 the community, which includes the Frontline Fellowship mission base, chapel and Christian Liberty High School was bombed ten times by the Sudan Air Force.

On 25 June a Church compound in Ikotos was hit with 4 bombs dropped by a Sudan Air Force Antonov. Rev. Akio reported “Everything has been destroyed. The bombs destroyed my residence … ten solar panels, radio communication equipment, a truck and other important Church properties.”In a separate attack, the National Islamic Front of Sudan Air Force dropped 12 bombs on a mission school in Isoke