Muslim Arabs Persecute Christian Africans Print

Volume 2 1988

The twenty-six-year civil war between the Muslim Arab north and the Christian Black south of SUDAN has led to about one million deaths. Over three million people have fled as refugees from the carnage in the southern part of Sudan. Nearly two million have sought refuge in the outskirts of the capital, Khartoum. Vast squatter camp slums have developed disease-ridden, unhygienic ghettos where extended families live in the most primitive and over crowded conditions.

Sudan is one of the twenty poorest nations of the world, with a civil war that is costing one million rand per day. The majority of African Christians in the south feel oppressed by the Arab Muslims in the north. Christians suffer many forms of discrimination in Sudan, where the only official religion allowed is Islam. The nearly three million Christian Blacks are not allowed to fill leadership positions. Missionary activity is forbidden. Evangelism is outlawed. And the enormous amount of relief aid and development aid is almost entirely being restricted to the Islamic north.