Not Guns But God Print


After a church service near the battlefront, Commander Daniel explained to us that, at the beginning of their war, he thought that their power for freedom came from their guns. "I was far from God and I trusted only in my own strength and the AK47. Then in 1997 I began to hear of the work of Frontline Fellowship. I saw the Christian flag over the military base in Maridi and I wondered what Christianity had to do with our struggle. How could a soldier be a Christian?

"But then I saw such a change in the behaviour and morale of our soldiers. It was explained to me that this was because of the chaplains Frontline Fellowship had trained. Now we had Bible readings and prayers before every operation. And I could see the results. With the Chaplains, the Bibles and the prayers came more victories and less casualties than ever before!

"Now I can see that our previous troubles and setbacks were because we did not honour or obey God. To us the gun was our god – but our own efforts failed to achieve independence. Now we know that only through God can we know true freedom. Without Jesus Christ we have no hope. God is superior in every area of life. Not by our own power but by God we will overcome. We used to think that our power was in our guns, but now we know that our power is in God."

"We Don’t Hate the Arabs"

Another soldier put it this way: "We don’t hate the Arabs. We pray for them every day. We want them to become our brothers in Christ. They bomb our churches – yet we allow their mosques in our areas, and we share with them the lifegiving Gospel of Jesus Christ."

Equipping The Chaplains

Frontline Fellowship is praying for the resources to equip the 70 chaplains with bicycles, backpacks, boots, Bible Media, tape recorders, Bible teaching tapes and sufficient Bibles in Dinka Bor, Nuer and Bari, for their men.

Frontline Fellowship has conducted numerous leadership training courses for these chaplains, including the Discipleship Training Course, Biblical Worldview Seminar, Reformation and Revival Seminar, Muslim Evangelism Workshop and now theEvangelism Explosion Clinic.

These chaplains have proven themselves in the field, walking great distances to preach the Word of God to different military units. They have lived with the men under fire in the trenches at the battlefronts. And some have had the privilege of leading captured Arab soldiers to Christ. Some units are in revival with intense times of Bible study, worship and prayer – even with the commanding officers participating! But they have done this on foot – without transport – often even without shoes or boots.

Multiply Their Ministries

By simply equipping them with boots, backpacks and bicycles we will multiply their ministry by making them more mobile for preaching and Bible distribution. By providing them with Bibles and Bible Media Gospel Messengers (tough solar powered tape recorders), with Bible teaching tapes in the various languages, we will enable them to effectively evangelise and disciple whole battalions. If you want to help better equip the chaplains please contact us.

What Can I Do?

You can request bulk copies of Frontline Fellowship News to distribute at your church; obtain FF books to sell at your church; organise for the Sudan the Hidden Holocaust or 3 Days in Sudan videos to be shown at your home fellowship, school or church; put up prayer posters at your church; visit the FF website ( for updates; and mobilise prayer and practical support for our mission.